Ignion's Antenna Intelligence Cloud Simplifies IoT Device Design when Using Multiple Wireless Standards

Ignion's Antenna Intelligence Cloud Simplifies IoT Device Design when Using Multiple Wireless Standards

Ignion, a Barcelona-based IoT antenna innovator, has added new features to the Antenna Intelligence Cloud (AIC) to support multiple wireless standards. The AIC is an online antenna design tool that allows users to figure out exactly which type of antenna provides the best solution for their project. Building on the success of the award-winning Antenna Intelligence Cloud launched earlier this year, the latest version adds the power of cloud-based automation for IoT antenna designs with up to 5 radios, making complex IoT projects materially easier to develop and with less risk through accurate performance prediction and device-tailored design files. 

Whether designing an asset tracker with the combination of cellular IoT and GNSS or a medical device using both BLE and Wi-Fi, the complexity of the current IoT market with multiple wireless protocols and ever-increasing certification requirements, puts high demands on the limited resource of good RF designers. IoT devices with multiple radios operating on different frequencies require complex RF designs, often resulting in several prototyping iterations and a high risk of slipping deadlines.

Ignion’s Antenna Intelligence Cloud helps mitigate this issue with a tailored complimentary digital twin, allowing engineers to get a testbed model of their antenna design and performance profile in a matter of minutes, removing the need to start with a physical prototype. Using Ignion’s Virtual Antenna design know-how with embedded machine learning and cutting-edge RF performance profiling, the new Antenna Intelligence Cloud expands the cloud tool's capabilities to offer accurate and predictable design guidance, including antenna coupling for up to 5 radios in the same device. In addition, the AIC now also provides enhanced context-based developer guidance and design files, automatically tailored to the device requirements.

Over 1500 customers who already used the AIC can confirm it has shortened their time to market and de-risks the design process from endless trial-and-error steps.

“IoT antenna integration is a hard and time-consuming process, which leads to failure in the design process and in devices deployed in the field. Putting antenna design and profiling software tools into the hands of customers is a key way of streamlining the design process and guaranteeing the performance of devices. Ignion’s Antenna Intelligence Cloud is a great example of this and will allow device manufacturers to confidently use standard off-the-shelf antenna designs to assure the success of their IoT projects. Tancred Taylor, Industry Analyst, ABI Research.

The new Antenna Intelligence Cloud tool is being showcased at electronica in Munich this week at the Ignion booth B4.535.

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