Sivers Semiconductors Partners with aiRadar to Develop Advanced Radar Products

Sivers Semiconductors Partners with aiRadar to Develop Advanced Radar Products

Sivers Semiconductors has worked with Canadian start-up, aiRadar to develop a revolutionary line of sophisticated radar products. By leveraging Sivers’ unique RFIC and antenna technology, aiRadar is now revealing a new recipe for developing highly advanced radar products in various relevant applications and verticals.

Given the development within commercial security, automotive security, and autonomy, there is a need to find sensor solutions that lower the complexity, energy consumption, and size of sophisticated radar systems. The conflict in Ukraine has also put the spotlight on military applications including advanced radar functionality.

Sivers Semiconductors’ customer, aiRadar, has been working for several years to enable a new approach to develop economic and affordable solutions for advanced radar systems based on a single hardware platform, common interfaces, and small footprint supporting multiple applications, multiple modes, and multiple missions.

These new products combine the latest RF technology with advanced features like synthetic and real aperture radar functionality, interferometry, cognitive radar capabilities, and moving target identification among others. All of this can be achieved using, more or less, Sivers standard products.

It is great to see how reusing our standard products can open the door to new verticals using existing and mature products in a totally different application. Many years back we were active in the radar eco-system and now we can offer products in this area and add innovation and unique value to a very interesting product platform that may change the way our joint customers will develop future high-performing radar products,” said Anders Storm, Group CEO of Sivers Semiconductors.

Based on Sivers’ advanced electronically scanned phased array technology, aiRadar is now offering a line of products that simplify the complex and time-consuming development effort to realize an advanced radar system meeting the challenging requirements on performance, functionality, size, weight, and cost.

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