SPINNER Group Offers a Broad Line of Interconnect Products for Use in RF Test Chambers

SPINNER Group Offers a Broad Line of Interconnect Products for Use in RF Test Chambers

The SPINNER Group, a company that has been developing RF technology products for over 70 years, is offering a broad range of highly suitable RF/microwave and interconnect components for optimizing the transmission of signals between the test equipment and the device being tested within an RF anechoic chamber. These include precision-manufactured test port adapters, articulated lines, flexible waveguide assembly, panel/feedthrough connectors, and both single- and multi-channel coaxial and waveguide rotary joints. The components operate over a frequency range from DC to 210 GHz.

These components are designed to conduct RF test and measurement procedures in an anechoic chamber while ensuring high degree of robustness against electromagnetic interference and other radiation effects. They can be used to provide accurate measurements of various test parameters such as radiated spurious emission, antenna gain, antenna efficiency, VSWR, insertion loss in an over-the-air (OTA) space.

Key RF Test Chamber Components Offered by the SPINNER Group

RF Test Port Adapters:

These adapters are designed to save time with ruggedized coaxial interfaces for directly connecting mmWave waveguides to coaxial ports of mm-Wave VNAs. They guarantee ultra-low losses and require the right interfaces before using them. Unique versions include the WR0w waveguide to 1.00 mm coaxial adapter covering the F band and the WR10 waveguide to 1.35 mm coaxial adapter covering the E band. They are ideal for testing automotive radars in the 76 to 81 GHz range, Satcom applications from 71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz, 5G devices from 81 to 86 GHz, and 6G from 90 to 120 GHz for sensor and material characterization. Click here to view these products.

Coaxial Panel/Feedthrough Connectors:

A Series of ultra-wideband bulkhead coaxial and waveguide panel/feedthrough connectors are offered operating over a frequency range from DC to 90 GHz. They are available in 2.92 mm bulkhead female connector 1.85 mm female, 1.35 mm female, and 1.00 mm female, WR 12 bulkhead configurations and are ideal for 5G mmWave, anechoic chamber testing, and SATCOM applications.

Articulated Lines:

These cables exhibit excellent RF properties and an extremely long service life and are considerably more robust than ordinary test cables. They provide 1 million flex cycles and allows customers to replace worn-out port saver connectors and can withstand up to 5000 matings.

They offer excellent amplitude and phase stability during movement and with changes in temperature and do not require adapters due to the availability of 3.5 mm and N-type connectors. These lines allow greater flexibility and hence the DUT ports can be connected in any orientation within a sphere having a diameter of 1 m. They are ideal for network setups, rotatable DUT measurements, and general test bench applications. View these products.

Flexible Waveguide Assembly:

SPINNER Group offers EasySnake flexible waveguides that operate in the E and W band. They perform the function of a hollow metallic waveguide and provide two degrees of freedom: flexible bending and twisting in any direction while delivering excellent measurements. They have an insertion loss of 0.2-3.4 dB with a return loss of 14-16 dB and are ideal for antenna testing, vibration testing, and general test bench applications.

RF Rotary Joints:

These special rotary joints are developed with compact design and ensure excellent VSWR, low insertion loss, minimal fluctuation of transmission characteristics while rotating and high crosstalk attenuation. They are available as non-contacting and contacting rotary joint and operate up to 100 GHz and are suitable for narrow-band and broadband applications. These components have I, U, and L interface styles while offering single and multi-channel solutions upon request.

SPINNER's interconnect components are available in-stock. Click here to learn more about these microwave and interconnect components from SPINNER group.

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