Indra Sistemas Integrates RF Detection into its Counter-UAS Platform

Indra Sistemas Integrates RF Detection into its Counter-UAS Platform

Indra Sistemas, S.A., a global technology engineering company for the aerospace, defense, and mobility sectors, has integrated leading-edge RF detection from Digital Global Systems (DGS) into its CROW counter-UAS platform. With DGS RF detection, CROW adapts to the specific needs of the environment being protected; integrates and combines the use of different sensors and countermeasures; with the possibility of redundant use of sensors in terms of both number and location.

Advancements in wireless and computer processing have enabled devices to become smaller and more capable. Just as innovation has delivered increased capability, Radio Frequency-enabled devices significantly increase vulnerability and risk. Cyber and physical security strategies must now include components that address threats from RF-enabled devices.

DGS CLEARSKY provides anomalous signal detection and multiple geolocation techniques for any signal of interest in the 70 MHz to 6 GHz range. Anomalous signals include:

  • Unintentional interference
  • Intentional signal interruption (jamming)
  • Communications devices encroaching on a protected area
  • UAVs (aka "drones")

Fernando Murias, Chairman and CEO of DGS, stated, "We recognize Indra as a global leader in the defense industry. They are rigorous about selecting components for CROW and we are thrilled to be included in this leading-edge solution for drone threat management."

CLEARSKY combines machine learning and a real-time analysis of signal characteristics to rapidly detect drones and other anomalous activity without reliance on a library of known drone signals. Additionally, CLEARSKY is frequency agnostic, meaning a transmission can be detected and classified outside of frequency bands where drones typically operate. This ensures that drones that have been modified to operate outside the regulated frequencies can be detected.

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