Automotive Industry Finally Moving Past Trials and Deploying Real Systems based on V2X Architecture

Automotive Industry Finally Moving Past Trials and Deploying Real Systems based on V2X Architecture

The automotive industry finally seems poised to move past trials and proceed to deploy systems to enhance safety as part of the V2X architecture. According to a new report from analyst firm Mobile Experts, the inclusion of ITS features in vehicle safety ratings and government support of ITS features are now enabling wider deployments.

"The most significant motivation for a manufacturer to add safety features through DSRC or C-V2X is increased sales," commented Mobile Experts Analyst Dan McNamara. "With the ever-increasing reliance on internet research for buying and investigating safety crash ratings, automakers will quickly incorporate new capabilities to make their product stand out. The inclusion of ITS features by safety ratings organizations will be a compelling motivation for adoption by the auto industry. Organizations such as EuroNCAP (EU) have committed to include ITS as part of their review and ratings process."

The new report provides details on the forecasted adoption of OBU (DSRC and C-V2x) and which safety solutions will be most appealing to which markets. With a more established base of DSRC technology, primarily installed for electronic toll-taking, many EU countries will continue to support a DSRC-based solution. However, V2X solutions based on the cellular standard for mobile phones are drawing more attention as a long-term solution.

"In addition to the creation of a market-driven demand, government influence is substantial," commented Analyst at Mobile Experts and author of the report, Dan McNamara. "In 2020, China made the decision to move forward with a C-V2X system for ITS. Being the largest single market for vehicles, this created critical mass for this new approach. In November 2020, the FCC in the US changed the ITS direction to assert that C-V2X was the approach of record and removed DSRC from the equation. As a result, the two largest automotive markets are now firmly committed to a C-V2X solution."

According to the report, of the 75M new vehicles sold in 2022, 67% will be bought in either China, the US, or the EU. Regardless of the technology chosen or the market motivation, once there is momentum in China, EU and the US, the entire auto industry will move quickly to V2X adoption.

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