Skyworks to Showcase Automotive, IoT, Power, Timing and Audio Solutions at CES 2023

Skyworks to Showcase Automotive, IoT, Power, Timing and Audio Solutions at CES 2023

Skyworks is a company that is innovating at the forefront of connectivity, making lives easier, safer and more efficient. At CES 2023 next week, they will be showcasing their product range that address the most complex connectivity challenges combined with their expanded power management and control portfolio. Skyworks is uniquely situated to address all of today’s design intricacies within the electric and hybrid vehicles, industrial motor control, power supply, 5G wireless infrastructure, data center and smart home mega-trends.

The sectors they will cover at CES 2023 Include:


Multi-function, multi-chip modules and solutions from Skyworks reduce part count and simplify essential circuits in a wide variety of applications. From RF front-end modules for diversity receivers and navigation, and reference clocks for central computers, to isolated gate drivers, amplifiers and data transceivers for power management and traction controls, the solutions are available in various packages and qualifications.

A pioneer in automotive connectivity, Skyworks is developing a suite of AEC-Q100 or AEC-Q101 qualified and consumer-grade JEDEC products.

IoT Products Showcased at CES


The SKY66431-11 is a multi-band, multi-chip System-in-Package (SiP) supporting 5G Massive IoT (LTE-M/NB-IoT) platforms. The SiP integrates the entire RF front end, transceiver, power management, memory, crystals, and baseband modem for an LTE multi-band radio operating in the 698 MHz to 2200 MHz frequency range. NOR flash and a few passives external to the package complete the SiP implementation.


The SKY66422-11 and SKY66423-11 are high-performance, highly integrated RF front-end modules designed for LPWAN – supporting LoRaSigFox and other unlicensed band technologies – as well as high-power Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM) applications operating in the 860 to 930 MHz frequency range.


The SKY66408-11 is a high-performance, fully integrated RF front-end module (FEM) designed for ZigbeeThread, and Bluetooth (including low energy) applications. The SKY66408-11 is designed for ease of use and maximum flexibility.

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Power Solutions

Si828x Gate Driver Board for Wolfspeed XM3

Skyworks Si828x-based Gate Driver Board is well suited for driving Wolfspeed’s Silicon Carbide (SiC) Field Effect Transistor (FET)-based XM3 module, a high voltage/high current module for traction inverters, industrial drive motors, EV fast chargers, uninterruptable power supplies, and more. Developed with support from the Wolfspeed XM3 module team, a test report is available that describes the Skyworks Si828x isolated gate drivers and Wolfspeed's half-bridge SiC FET XM3 module.


The Si8921/22/3x/4x family of devices is designed to provide accurate isolated current and voltage measurements with very low drift across temperatures. Based on Skyworks' robust, third-generation isolation technology, the new family provides flexible voltage, current, output and package options to help developers reduce BOM cost and shrink board space for a wide range of industrial and green-energy applications including electric vehicles (EV), battery management and charging systems, dc-dc converters, and motor, solar and wind turbine inverters. The Si892x provides isolated current measurement with analog output. The Si893x provides isolated voltage measurement with both analog and DSM options. The Si894x provides isolated current sensing with DSM output.

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Optimize time-to-market with Skyworks AccuTime IEEE 1588 software, NetSync network synchronizers and NetSync wireless clocks. Next-generation technologies are increasingly faster, smarter and more dynamic. Our solutions establish the foundation for a vibrant ecosystem that goes beyond smartphones and person-to-person communications. Skyworks products deliver superior performance while simplifying complex analog and RF designs for today’s hardware and networks.


Our portfolio of automotive grade, AEC-Q100 PCI Express Gen1/2/3/4/5 compliant low-power fanout buffers are ideal for infotainment, ADAS sensors, and automated driving platforms. These devices feature full internal termination to minimize external components and board space and HCSL output drivers that support both 85 and 100 Ω impedance.


These any-frequency clock generators provide the highest level of integration available, enabling complete clock tree consolidation in automotive gateway/networking, ADAS, infotainment and autonomous driving hardware platforms.

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Wireless Infrastructure


SKY66520-11 and SKY66523-11 are wide instantaneous bandwidth high-efficiency power amplifiers. Part of our high-efficiency, pin-compatible PA family supporting major 3GPP bands, these PAs feature integrated active biasing circuitry to compensate PA performance over temperature, voltage and process variation.


The SKY66051-11 and SKY66052-11 are wide instantaneous bandwidth, fully input/output matched driver amplifiers with high gain and linearity for 4G LTE and 5G NR TDD systems. Gain can be adjusted from 30 dB to 36 dB with a few external components. Active biasing circuitry is integrated to compensate PA performance over temperature, voltage, and process variation.

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Audio Solutions

SKY763xx: Cognitive Wireless Analog System on Chip (ASoC) and Audio Processors

Skyworks ASoC audio solutions use UL2X, a proprietary radio technology designed to maximize audio performance in wireless designs. Featuring high levels of integration, UL2X is a cognitive platform that intelligently optimizes link quality and includes battery charger/voltage regulation, advanced audio processing, and versatile I/O interfacing. These features enable cost-effective designs that lead to unique customization and differentiation.

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Aerospace & Defense

The OLC049/OLC249/OLC449 are specifically designed for large satellite constellation applications that require optical isolation in radiation environments such as gamma, neutron, and proton radiation with a high Current Transfer Ratio (CTR) and low saturation VCE.

Electrical parameters are similar to the JEDEC-registered 4N49 optocoupler, but with better CTR degradation characteristics due to radiation exposure. Special electrical parametric selections are available upon request.

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