Teledyne e2v Develops Non-Contact RF Directed Energy Jamming System to Deactivate UAVs

Teledyne e2v Develops Non-Contact RF Directed Energy Jamming System to Deactivate UAVs

Teledyne e2v, a leading provider of  sub-systems and components for Aerospace & Defense applications, has developed RF SafeStop, a state-of-the-art, non-contact radio-frequency directed energy jamming interdiction system. The system is designed to bring moving targets such as UAVs, boats, cars, motorbikes and drones across land, sea, and air to a controlled stop at a safe distance without causing collateral damage.

This RF SafeStop system radiates the radio frequency energy in the direction of target to be disabled. It utilizes a proven technology that generates non-lethal, high-power RF pulses that work against the vehicle’s electronic system to temporarily confuse it and deactivate the engine. It is also capable of jamming the control and command systems of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones to either bring them down or safely land them on ground.

Furthermore, it is possible to increase the range at which the vehicles can be stopped by integrating specially designed antennas such as phased array antennas.

RF SafeStop is being used by several law enforcement agencies around the world to protect their people and borders. For example, police forces on land have used this system to safely apprehend target vehicles without the use of force. On Sea, it ensures harbor safety protection, maritime policing, and anti-piracy by successfully stopping single and multiple UAVs from returning to their operator or to land outside of the RF Safe-Stop barrier.

The system is designed to be energy efficient and can be configured to suit a range of mounting methods. One of them includes compact variants that allow easy installation into a 4 x 4 off-road flatbed style truck/vehicle or even on small boats. It is available in a variety of configurations tailored for specific requirements and a range of operations.

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