Top RFID Products in 2022

Top RFID Products in 2022

RFID technology has become an integral part of many businesses, allowing for efficient and accurate tracking, inventory management, and asset management. Here at everything RF, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the trending RFID products on the website in 2022.

Note: This list has been compiled based on user activity on everything RF. To ensure that we cover the whole range of test equipment we limited the number of products from each category and company. The listed products are shown in a random order and are grouped by category.

RAIN RFID Reader Chip for Inventory and Asset Tracking Applications

The E710 from Impinj is a RAIN RFID Reader Chip designed for IoT devices that can identify, locate, and authenticate large numbers of tagged items quickly. It has a receive sensitivity of -88 dBm and a maximum read rate of 950 tags/second. The RFID chip has an integrated SoC with radio modem, self-jammer cancellation, RF front-end, microcontroller, and power regulation. It consumes 0.5 W of power and is ideal for high-performance handheld readers used in inventory management, fixed readers used in automated systems, smart shelves & cabinets for retail, and conveyors used in real-time inventory and asset tracking applications. Read more.

13.56-MHz multi-protocol contactless transceiver IC with SPI and UART serial access

The CR95HF from STMicroelectronics is a Multi-Protocol Contactless Transceiver IC that operates at 13.56 MHz. It supports read and write operating modes and features highly integrated Analog Front End (AFE) for RF communications. This IC includes dedicated internal frame controller and manages frame coding and decoding in Reader mode for standard applications such as near field communication (NFC), proximity and vicinity standards. It supports ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and B, ISO/IEC 15693 (single or double subcarrier) and ISO/IEC 18092 communication protocols along with MIFARE® Classic compatibility. Read more

NFC/RAIN RFID Smart Label for Inventory & Supply Chain Management

The Dual Frequency Smart Label from Securitag Assembly Group is compatible with both NFC and RAIN RFID (UHF) technologies. It operates at a frequency of 13.56 / 860 to 960 MHz and has a read range of up to 7 m. Powered by em|echo-V chip (EM4425), this smart label provides an application crossover and opens the possibility to apply just one label to fit all use cases in both NFC and RAIN RFID domains. The EM4425 chip (the successor of EM4423) inherits the Tag Tamper function (so-called TT). By using an optional antenna design, the digital part of the chip can tell the status change when the antenna loop is broken. Read more

860-960/13.56 MHz On-Metal RFID Inlay with NFC

The Midas Flagtag EM4425 DF from Avery Dennison is a Dual-Frequency On-Metal Inlay that operates in the UHF band of 860-960 MHz and HF band (NFC) of 13.56 MHz. It consists of EM Micro-electronic’s EM4425 echo-V IC that has up to 480-bit EPC memory and 2048-bit user memory with up to 96-bit TID/UID memory. This RFID tag combines exceptional performance with the dual-frequency capability to provide an all-in-one solution for consumer engagement and product authentication. Read more

Rugged Low-Profile FCC/ETSI RFID Antenna

The AN520 from Zebra is a Rugged RFID Antenna that is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. This right-hand circular polarized antenna provides a gain of 5.5 dBic and has a VSWR of 1.4:1. It operates from 902 to 928 MHz for FCC and 865 to 868 MHz for ETSI. The antenna has a 3 dB beamwidth of 115° in both planes and an axial ratio of 2 dB. It can handle an input power of up to 3 W. This antenna is available in an IP68-rated enclosure that measures 150 x 150 x 14 mm with SMA-female connectors. Read more

865-870MHz ,13 dBi Linear V/H Polarity Directional Antenna

The MT-243009/N from MTI Wireless Edge is an RFID Antenna with a Frequency of 865 to 870 MHz, Gain of 13 dBi, Horizontal Beamwidth of 37 Degrees, Vertical Beamwidth of 37 Degrees, Front to Back Ratio of -15 dB. Read more

Rugged and Low-Profile RFID Antenna Can be Placed Under Doormats

The AN650 from Zebra is a Ground RFID Antenna that is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor environments. It fits in seamlessly in almost any environment to provide the ability to be hidden under a mat or other covering and is great for tracking RFID tags traveling through doors and other chokepoints. This right-hand circular polarized antenna operates from 865 to 868 MHz and 902 to 928 MHz and provides a gain of 9 dBic. It has a front-to-back ratio of 24 dB, a 3 dB beamwidth of 20° in xz-plane, and 80° in xy-plane. The antenna has an axial ratio of 2 dB and a VSWR of less than 1.4:1. Read more

RFID Panel Antennas from 125 to 134.2 kHz for Near-Field Applications

The RFID LF Panel Antennas from iDTRONIC operate from 125 to 134.2 kHz. These high-performance circularly polarized antennas have a read distance of up to 30 cm and can be used in combination with BLUEBOX LF controllers. The antennas are IP65-rated and are available in PVC housings with a lumberg antenna connector. They have an operating temperature from -20°C to +65°C and are suitable for industrial automation, supply chain, asset tracking, and access control applications. These antennas are ISO 11784/11785, FDX compliant. Read more

High Sensitivity EPCglobal Gen 2 RFID Tag IC with Enhanced Data Quality

The Higgs-EC from Alien Technology is an EPCglobal Gen2 UHF RFID Tag IC that operates from 840 to 960 MHz. This IC has a read sensitivity of up to -22.5 dBm and write sensitivity of -19 dBm. It has 512-Bits of memory and up to 128 EPC Bits (nominally 96 bits). The IC has an exceptional operating range, up to 13m with an appropriate antenna.

The Higgs-EC comes with Senitel Memory - a unique and robust error-correcting memory architecture. This architecture detects and fixes single-bit errors and detects and flags dual-bit errors. Read more

 UHF RFID Tag IC for Asset Management and Retail Apparel

The UCODE DNA from NXP is a UHF RFID Tag IC designed to target secure asset tagging applications with good long-range performance. It has a read range of up to 15 meters, a read sensitivity of -19 dBm, AES authentication sensitivity of -18 dBm, and a write sensitivity of -11 dBm. The tag has an encoding speed of 32 bits per 1.5 ms and can work in parallel encoding mode by encoding more than 100 items in 60 ms. This RFID tag supports up to two 128-bit AES authentication keys, has an EPC memory of 448 bits, and supports self pre-serialization for 96 bits EPC. It has a TID memory of 96 bits and a user memory of 3072 bits. Read more

UHF RAIN RFID Module for Battery-Operated Applications

The ThingMagic M7e-Pico from Jadak is a UHF RAIN RFID Module that is designed for battery-operated applications. It is based on the Impinj E310 RAIN RFID reader chip and supports frequencies from 860 to 930 MHz. This module has a read distance of more than 3 m with a read rate of up to 300 tags/second. It has a wide RF output range from 0 to 24 dBm which is critical in supporting read/write requirements for RFID-enabled printers and tag commissioning stations. The module requires a DC supply from 3.3 to 5.5 V and consumes less than 2.5 W of power (for 24 dBm output) and 0.015 W of power in sleep mode. Read more

Enterprise-Grade RAIN RFID Reader for Next-Gen IoT Solutions

The R700 from Impinj is a RAIN RFID Reader with 4 Antenna Ports, extendable up to 32 antennas with one-wire antenna connectivity facilitating large-scale system deployments. This reader has been designed to meet the increasing demands of next-generation IoT solutions and enterprise-grade RAIN deployments. It transmits up to 33 dBm of power and has a receive sensitivity of up to -92 dBm. The reader features a 1 GHz dual-core processor with 1 GB Flash and 1 GB RAM memory. Read more

RFID Transceiver IC for 125 kHz Base Stations

The EM4095 from EM Microelectronic is a RFID Transceiver IC for 125 kHz Base Stations. It has an integrated PLL system to achieve self-adaptive carrier frequency to antenna resonant frequency. It can be used to drive the antenna with carrier frequency, AM modulation of the field for a writable transponder, AM demodulation of the antenna signal modulation induced by the transponder and to communicate with a microprocessor via simple interface. Read more.

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