Mobix Labs and Gemtek Collaborate to Develop 5G-NR FR1 and FR2 Products

Mobix Labs and Gemtek Collaborate to Develop 5G-NR FR1 and FR2 Products

Mobix Labs, a global connectivity solutions provider for next-generation wireless mmWave 5G and wired high bandwidth cable networks, and Gemtek Technology, a Taiwanese-based original design manufacturer of wireless communications products, has announced a collaboration to develop products for the FR1 and FR2 markets that will utilize Mobix Labs’ frequency converters, synthesizers and beamformers.

“We are excited to partner with Gemtek Technology on a variety of future reference designs and products,” said Fabian Battaglia, CEO of Mobix Labs. “Our disruptive RF and mixed-signal integrated circuits, as with our newly launched MOBX200 up-down frequency converter, combined with Gemtek’s expertise and experience in developing total wireless solutions, will translate into cutting-edge, high performance, and cost-effective 5G FR1 and FR2 products across a variety of use cases, such as consumer electronics, infrastructure, automotive and IoT markets.”

Designed in Bulk-CMOS, Mobix Labs’ suite of wireless products offer optimum performance, while supporting radio waves over the 5G NR FR1 and FR2 frequency bands.

“Mobix Labs’ disruptive technology and expansive product mix are synergistic to Gemtek’s global production and marketing capabilities,” said James Lee, President of Gemtek Technology. “The versatility of Mobix Labs’ integrated circuits, including their ultra-compact design and scalability, allows us to bring a cost-effective, turn-key solution to a global set of customers looking for easy deployment of 5G NR FR1 and FR2 mmWave applications.”

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