WAVEPIA Offering Optimized High Power GaN Signal Generators for RF Energy Applications

WAVEPIA Offering Optimized High Power GaN Signal Generators for RF Energy Applications

WAVEPIA, a company that designs and develops RF GaN HEMT Bare dies and RF GaN transistors, is offering signal generators – HPGP24S2520, WPG24S25250, and WPG24S25500 that are optimized for RF energy applications. These generators integrate WAVEPIA’s patented High Power GaN Phase Locked Loop (PLL) (HPGP) technology and provide users a way to control frequency, output power, and phase compared to conventional solid-state and magnetron-type signal generators.

The Signal Generators have been designed to operate at 400 MHz, from 900-930 MHz, and 2.4-2.5 GHz. They deliver an output power of 10 W to 5.0 KW and have a module efficiency of 68%. The generators also integrate an isolator, thereby ensuring enhanced isolation and output performance.

These generators are further optimized to optimally control various parameters such as output power, frequency, and phase to accordingly cater to the requirements of the intended application. This allows greater flexibility while maintaining superior output power performance as compared to other conventional signal generators available in the market.

Furthermore, they are equipped with VSWR tracking function that allows the reflected power to be continuously monitored to make sure that signal generators deliver the required performance. They integrate soft-start function to limit the in-rush current and prevent short-circuit related damages, ensuring high degree of robustness.

These generators are therefore ideal for a wide range of applications including plasma, lighting, 3D printing, RF ignition systems, microwave ovens, and in test and measurement equipment.

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