InnoPhase Introduces Advanced CMOS Digital-to-RF Radio Device for Small Cell Enterprise Applications

InnoPhase Introduces Advanced CMOS Digital-to-RF Radio Device for Small Cell Enterprise Applications

InnoPhase, a fabless semiconductor company focused on innovative radio solutions for 5G/Cellular infrastructure equipment, has announced the Hermes TWO digital radio device, a ground-breaking product development for more efficient cellular networks. The device utilizes InnoPhase’s patented radio architecture to deliver exceptional system efficiency and performance improvements.

This digital radio device challenges existing levels of integration by incorporating many key radio components onto a single CMOS semiconductor die, notably power amplifiers, Tx/Rx chains, digital signal processing including time/frequency conversions (FFT/iFFT) and system control. This revolutionary development enables an extremely efficient system implementation for cellular network radio units such as enterprise small cells.

Addressing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is critical to accelerate new 5G deployments for commercial and private networks. Factors including purchase, installation and operational costs must meet financial, performance and efficiency targets to create a positive business case for a new network technology migration. As per ABI Research, using less energy-consuming semiconductor chipsets based on lower nanometer nodes is a key element to lowering a network’s TCO. “InnoPhase’s ability to integrate a majority of a small cell radio into an advanced CMOS device will enable system improvements to help reduce the total cost of ownership for 4G/5G networks,” said Dimitris Mavrakis, Senior Research Director, ABI Research.

The “Digital-to-RF” radio architecture within Hermes TWO supports packetized O-RAN symbols over SERDES converted directly to amplified RF power. This device incorporates 4G/5G Low-PHY functionality including digital signal processing, advanced digital pre-distortion (DPD) and crest-factor reduction (CFR). A CMOS digital power amplifier (DPA) has been integrated to provide 3W peak / 500mW average transmit output power. The resulting product enables a compelling 2T2R or 4T4R O-RAN FS-7.2 enterprise solution. This level of integration is an industry first providing a tremendous step forward towards more economical and higher efficiency cellular network radios.

The Hermes TWO devices will be designed into a 4T4R O-RAN 7.2a small cell Radio Development Kit (RDK) to expedite validation and customer product developments. “Our 5G network radio solutions take advantage of the unique Hermes TWO architecture to deliver the most cost-effective enterprise small cells products. We are working with leading semiconductor companies and cellular radio manufacturers to optimize the overall system bill-of-materials to exceed the industry’s expectations,” said Greg Winner, VP & GM, InnoPhase.

Initial product samples will be available to lead customers and partners in the second quarter of 2023. The first RDK focusing on 5G CBRS/C-Band is targeted for availability in mid-year 2023.

InnoPhase will attend Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona 2023 from February 27 to March 1, 2023. Click here to view everything RF's coverage of MWC Barcelona 2023.

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