Mobix Labs and Airgain Introduce 2-Channel Up/Down Frequency Converter for 5G Applications

Mobix Labs and Airgain Introduce 2-Channel Up/Down Frequency Converter for 5G Applications

Mobix Labs, a global connectivity solutions provider for next-generation wireless mmWave 5G and wired high bandwidth cable networks, has introduced the MOBX222™, its latest up/down frequency converter that is being offered as a standalone product or part of a complete True5G™ chipset with beamformers and synthesizers. The product was designed in collaboration with Airgain, a provider of wireless connectivity solutions.

The MOBX222 is an integrated circuit designed to provide device flexibility for various 5G applications by allowing for interoperability across frequency bands. It supports FR1 Baseband, CBRS and C-Band alongside FR2 mmWave operation.

“5G cellular technology is rapidly growing and ever evolving and it is often difficult to develop devices with any degree of shelf life,” said Fabian Battaglia, CEO of Mobix Labs. “We believe this innovative frequency converter will help futureproof 5G designs by providing flexibility in developing FR1 and FR2 products. It is yet another demonstration of our industry leading technology that continues to disrupt the global wireless market”

Key Features of MOBX222 Up/Down Frequency Converter

  • Designed in 28 nanometer bulk CMOS
  • Designed with a land grid array (LGA) package for optimal thermal performance over an ambient operating temperature range of -40 deg C to +85 deg C.
  • Supports frequency bands n257 through n262, CBRS and C-band spectrum (3.3-4.2 GHz)
  • Single-chip, single-die solution
  • Has a single 1.8 Vdc supply for all device sections including Tx, Rx and SPI control
  • Enables the use of input/output frequencies of DC-800 MHz and 2.3-7 GHz IFs for up/down conversions to mmWave frequencies of 24.25-49 GHz
  • The switch matrix allows up/down conversions between 5G C-band and baseband signals for transmitting and receiving
  • The circuit’s FR1 Tx path integrates a high-linearity power amplifier and an RF power detector circuit
  • The baseband input uses a balanced quadrature configuration with a 100 Ω differential input impedance while all IF and mmWave inputs and outputs are single ended 50 Ω matched.

“Enhancing 5G network coverage and improving end user experience is the focus of our product development,” said Dr. Ali Sadri, Chief Technology officer at Airgain. “We believe our collaboration with Mobix Labs in defining the MOBX222™ frequency converter can simplify enhanced features by adding flexibility to the design of 5G products.”

Meet Mobix Lab and Airgain's Team at MWC Barcelona 2023

Mobix Labs is demonstrating a host of products including the MOBX222 at MWC Barcelona 2023 with Airgain, Inc. (booth 7G21). Click here to view everything RF's coverage of MWC Barcelona 2023.

The company will be sampling the MOBX222 to strategic customers and partners in Q3 2023.

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