Hirose Electric to Showcase Cutting-Edge mm-Wave Interconnect Products at IMS 2023

Hirose Electric to Showcase Cutting-Edge mm-Wave Interconnect Products at IMS 2023

IMS 2023 kicks off in less than a week and will, provide a platform to explore the latest connectivity advancements and witness the future of technology. Hirose Electric USA, a prominent exhibitor, is set to make a significant impact with their cutting-edge mmWave products that leverage state-of-the-art interconnect technology. Don't forget to mark your calendars for June 13th to 15th, 2023, and visit Hirose Electric USA at Booth #446 in the San Diego Convention Center. This premier event offers a golden opportunity to experience firsthand their high-performance and highly reliable offerings.

A wide range of product highlights can be found at the Hirose booth. These will include MIL standard compliant connectors such as the 2.92mm and 2.4mm coaxial connectors. The MIL-STD-348B Standard is adhered to by the 2.92mm connector, supporting frequencies up to 40 GHz and featuring a screw-mounted board receptacle. Similarly, the 2.4mm connector, also conforming to the MIL-STD-348B Standard, supports frequencies up to 50 GHz and offers a screw-mounted board receptacle.

Additionally, the 1.85mm coaxial connectors will be showcased by Hirose. These connectors comply with IEC specifications (IEC 61169-32) and support frequencies up to an impressive 65GHz. With a screw-mounted board receptacle, these connectors combine exceptional performance with reliability.

The compact D.FL75 Series, a 75 Ohm, 4K/UHD transmission coaxial connector, enables efficient internal wiring of equipment. Its space-saving design eliminates the need for PCB traces, allowing designers to freely place components on the board, thus reducing design time and increasing design freedom.

Furthermore, the Light Weight Micro SMT Coaxial Connector, ranging from 1.9mm to 2.4mm in mated height, offers remarkable RF performance of up to 18 GHz. With its space-saving design and solderless connection type, including U.FL(A), this connector provides versatility.

The FL CoaxBridge, a revolutionary solution presented by Hirose Electric USA, combines its micro coaxial connector, the "FL Series," with coaxial machining technology. This innovative offering reduces design time, ensures low signal loss, and provides increased design freedom to designers.

Stop by the Hirose Electric USA Booth #446 to experience the extraordinary advancements in connectivity and technology.

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