Gapwaves Unveils Multi-Layer Waveguide Technology for Affordable High-Frequency Low-Loss Solutions

Gapwaves Unveils Multi-Layer Waveguide Technology for Affordable High-Frequency Low-Loss Solutions

Gapwaves has developed an innovative waveguide technology that has revolutionized high-performance, low-cost mmWave solutions. This novel patented technology provides unique advantages compared to traditional transmission line and waveguide technologies. Offering the performance of waveguide solutions at a fraction of the cost, Gapwaves brings high-end performance to the industry.

Today, the company unveils Multi-Layer Waveguide (MLW), a breakthrough evolution of its proprietary technology made possible by an elegant synergy of design and manufacturing. Beyond the advantages that waveguides offer, MLW brings unparalleled manufacturing agility, low cost, extremely thin profiles, native thermal handling, and massive maximum dimensions. The result is a paradigm shift where MLW not only improves but also opens unprecedented opportunities in a range of applications and markets, starting with automotive radars.

Key advantages of Multi-Layer Waveguide (MLW) Technology include:

  • Accelerated time-to-market: designed with manufacturability in mind, MLW solutions slash production time for both low- and high-volume scenarios.
  • First-class performance: offering waveguide performance and unique industry capabilities
  • Cost efficiency: a solution that significantly reduces development and production costs without compromising quality
  • Efficient heat transfer: Made of metal rather than plastic, MLW offers exceptional thermal capabilities as modern sensors are challenged by the thermal aspects of the powerful chips used.
  • Groundbreakingly compact: meeting and exceeding the industry’s needs for reduced size and weight of components MLW changes the notion that waveguide parts are bulky by significantly reducing them compared to competitive solutions.
  • Customization and flexibility: MLW offers superior flexibility and customization in the manufacturing process, as no cumbersome tooling is needed.
  • Removing size limitations: an innovative approach allows the manufacture of massive dimensions, overcoming the limitations of injection-molded parts for high-resolution radars.
  • Fully qualified and trusted: MLW technology has been qualified to the strict automotive standard and fully trusted by leading Tier-1 customers.
  • Gapwaveguide robustness: based upon the unique and proprietary gapwaveguide technology, MLW offers the same robustness that is the solid foundation for all our solutions.

Gapwaves CEO Jonas Ehinger comments:Bringing the MLW technology to the market is a new milestone towards making Gapwaves the standard for waveguide-based radar antennas. Continuing the work of Metasum AB, which originally developed MLW, we can now offer our customers solutions based on various waveguide technologies. MLW is a new yet well-tested technology that has been developed for several years behind closed doors, together with customers. Select customer feedback following sample deliveries has been very positive, and the technique can now be presented and offered to the market. This achievement is a testament to the dedication, innovation, and expertise of our R&D team”.

Abbas Vosoogh, founder of Metasum and Technology & Innovation Director at Gapwaves, comments: I am very proud to see the idea that initially formed in the last year of my PhD in 2017 reach the maturity that is ready to be used in the competitive market of automotive radar. It was started by thinking and reflecting on: what are high-precision fabrication processes that can be suitable for mass production while being sustainable at the same time? And as an engineer, how can we have an innovative and disruptive solution by utilizing such a process to address some or all the needs and challenges of components such as antennas, filters, etc. that we need for emerging millimeter-wave applications”.

Gapwaves at EuMW 2023

Gapwaves introduced this technology at the EuMW 2023 in Berlin this week. Carlo Bencivenni, Gapwaves Head of Electrical Engineering, will give a presentation at the Automotive Forum on Monday, September 18th, at 9.25 in room Alpha 5. Gapwaves is showcasing an MLW prototype at the exhibition, booth 203C, September 19–21, 2023.

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