Aethertek's Antenna-in-Module Achieves 2.4 Gbps Datarate Using 4 Carriers of 100 MHz in the 5G FR2 Band

Aethertek's Antenna-in-Module Achieves 2.4 Gbps Datarate Using 4 Carriers of 100 MHz in the 5G FR2 Band

Aethertek Technology, a solution provider of consumer electronics and automotive electronics testing, has recently conducted a field trial to perform throughput testing. Aethertek’s team has used its Antenna-in-Module (AiM) to evaluate the connectivity speed using Amarisoft’s Callbox Extreme eNodeB test equipment. The company performed the test in an indoor setting in its office and achieved a maximum throughput of approximately 2.4 Gbps in bands n257, n261 with iPhone 13, and n258 with Samsung S22, using 4 carriers of 100 MHz in the 5G FR2 band.

Amarisoft Callbox Extreme is a perfect solution for testing the performance of NR and LTE user equipments. It supports 6 NR cells over a bandwidth of 100 MHz with 4x4 MIMO configuration in sub-6 GHz bands as well as 10 FR2 cells over a bandwidth of 100 MHz in 2x2 MIMO.

Capabilities Offered by a 2.4 Gbps Network Infrastructure

Local Network: A local area network (LAN) can facilitate high-speed data transfers between home or office devices. This is useful for tasks like transferring large files, streaming high-definition video between devices, and low-latency communication in online gaming.

4K and 8K Video Streaming: Users can easily stream 4K and 8K video content without buffering issues. This allows for a smooth and immersive entertainment experience on compatible devices.

Telecommuting and Remote Work: High-speed internet is crucial for remote work. Users can participate in video conferences, upload and download large files quickly, and access cloud-based services seamlessly.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): VR and AR applications require significant bandwidth for a smooth and immersive experience. It can support these technologies at such a high-speed connection, making them more accessible and enjoyable.

Gaming: Online gaming benefits greatly from low-latency, high-speed connections. You can experience minimal lag, quick game downloads, and smooth online multiplayer gameplay.

Smart Home Devices: If you have a smart home with numerous connected devices, it can accommodate the data demands of multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring that your smart home ecosystem operates smoothly.

Future-proofing: Such a high-speed connection can also be seen as future-proofing, as it can handle the increasing data demands of emerging technologies and applications.

A 2.4 Gbps connection provides a substantial amount of bandwidth for various online activities and is considered extremely fast for most residential and business use cases. It will bring significant advancements and improvements to various aspects of our lives.

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