Spectrum Instrumentation Adds Digital Pulse Generator Option to its Ultrafast Digitizers

Spectrum Instrumentation Adds Digital Pulse Generator Option to its Ultrafast Digitizers

Spectrum Instrumentation added the Digital Pulse Generator (DPG) to its Arbitrary Waveform Generators and ultrafast digitizers, which can reach 10 GS/s. DPG was successfully used in the company's medium-speed devices before this modification. The low-cost option, available across all products, can generate pulses and pulse streams from three to four independent digital sources. They are ideal for a variety of automated testing and measurement applications because to their expanded capabilities. DPG may be added to over 200 goods. These devices may provide stimulus and trigger signals for controlling machines or experiments in AI, robotics, and mechatronics systems due to this integration. DPG is also beneficial for closed-loop testing and evaluating electrical circuits, components, and sensors.

The Digitizer and AWG devices may create digital pulses with a sampling clock-based timing resolution using the DPG option. For instance, the DPG with one of the company's flagships 33xx series digitizers can generate four pulse streams with 3.2 ns timing precision. In addition, the 12-bit digitizer card can sample incoming electrical signals at 10 GS/s.

Products use on-board FPGAs to implement DPGs. The architecture lets the devices acquire or generate analog waveforms while producing pulses. Digital pulses are output via front panel multi-Purpose I/O connections for usage with most digital electronics. High impedance loads can use 3.3 V low voltage TTL (LVTTL) pulse amplitude.

A simple programming framework controls the DPG's pulse properties for single pulses, pulse trains, and continuous pulse streams. Programmable parameters include pulse width, period, phase, and pulse train number. An activated DPG will emit pre-programmed pulses on the multi-Purpose I/O connection after receiving a valid trigger. Software or one of several sources can produce the trigger for optimum flexibility. All product internal and external trigger sources or other DPG channels are included. Pulse generator outputs are ideal for signal actuation because they are organically synced to the product's acquisition or replay capability. The ability to cascade pulse generators makes pulse repetition time scales easy to change.

Over 200 PCIe, PXIe, and LXI digitizer and AWG devices support DPG. Digitizers have sampling speeds from 5 MS/s to 10 GS/s with ADC resolutions of 8, 12, 14, and 16-bit. AWGs from the firm produce 40 MS/s to 1.25 GS/s. All AWGs employ 16-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) technology to create practically any waveform with minimal noise and excellent repeatability. Each digitizer and AWG card can have 1, 2, 4, or 8 channels. The firm also has a Star-Hub technology for generating 128-channel multi-channel systems with complete synchronization. Stand-alone Ethernet/LXI devices have 2–48 channels. The extensive product line allows consumers to choose the “Perfect Fit Solution” for their application. The low-cost DPG option (ordering code “PulseGen”) may be delivered immediately for new and current goods. Any machine with the possibility can easily synchronize its acquisition or generation functions with external equipment.

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