SAG Introduces High-Performance Resilient RFID Tags to Withstand Harsh Conditions

SAG Introduces High-Performance Resilient RFID Tags to Withstand Harsh Conditions

SAG RFID is offering resilient RFID tag solutions to unlock and redefine the tagging possibilities in the event of chemical exposure and physical impact. For wet chemical processes such as autoclave sterilization or automotive manufacturing, robust tags that are capable of withstanding high pressure/temperature, acid and alkali, shock and vibration play an important role in determining a project's success in the long run. The newly released resilient and advanced RFID tag solutions (over-molded brick metal RFID tag and on-metal stick tag) are designed to break through the barriers, empowering industries to gain unparalleled efficiency and expand more advanced RFID tagging possibilities in supply chain management, factory automation, material processing and healthcare, etc.

Elevated Mechanical Strength to Resist Corrosion and Heat

The new over-molded brick metal tag and on-metal stick tag are now available in a PPS version, which is a tough engineering plastic, that delivers optimum performance under high temperatures and corrosive chemicals exposure. Certified to RoHS, REACH and CE, these over-molded type RFID tags work well on metal surfaces and offer enhanced resistance against shock and vibration (IEC 68-2-6 /10 g, 10 to 2000 Hz, 3 axis, 2.5 h). Both rugged tags are available in a screw-mount package with options for industrial-grade adhesive or zip tie mounting to minimize installation time. Meanwhile, the flat surface can be laser marked with a logo or numbering in good color contrast to assist visual identification. These tags have a reading distance of up to 13 meters.

The over-molded brick metal tag-PPS is based on cutting-edge NXP UCODE 8 technology. It is IP68-rated to ensure resistance against chemicals, shock, vibration, and high temperatures (autoclave and sterilization process in particular), enabling to operate for a longer period of time with guaranteed durability to answer every use case. 

The on-metal stick tag is equipped with the advanced NXP ICODE SLIX, and provides exceptional functionality for a diverse range of applications.

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