Leonardo DRS Wins $26 Million US Navy Design & Engineering Contract for the AN/SPQ-9B Radar

Leonardo DRS Wins $26 Million US Navy Design & Engineering Contract for the AN/SPQ-9B Radar

Leonardo DRS was awarded a contract from NAVSEA to provide AN/SPQ-9B radar design agent and engineering services. The contract includes options, if exercised, would bring the cumulative value to more than $26 million. Under the contract, DRS will provide system engineering, software development, hardware design, installation, safety, test, product updates, system upgrade and configuration management support.

“We are very proud to be selected as the design agent on SPQ-9B and are honored to support this critical air and surface threat detection program for the Navy,” Cari Ossenfort, senior vice president and general manager of the Leonardo DRS Naval Electronics business unit. “Our agility, proven engineering processes as well as our experienced team are the key reasons we are a trusted partner to NAVSEA and PEO Integrated Warfare Systems.”

The AN/SPQ-9B is an X-band, pulse Doppler, frequency-agile radar was designed specifically for the littoral environment. It has a very high clutter improvement factor supporting a very low false track rate in the littorals and in high clutter environments. It scans out to the horizon and performs simultaneous and automatic air and surface target detection and tracking of low-flying anti-ship cruise missiles surface threats, and low/slow flying aircraft, UAVs, periscopes, and helicopters.

This award builds upon our existing RF and EW systems capabilities and is an expansion of the support that DRS has provided for AN/SPQ-9B over the past six years. This work is an example of DRS’s deep experience as a leader in complex design and manufacturing supporting a wide range of missions. The company’s capabilities extend across all domains to support naval, ground, air, space, and cyber missions in areas of sensing, force protection, computer networking, as well as naval power and propulsion systems.

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