Tektronix to Showcase its Innovative RF Test Solutions at IMS 2024

Tektronix to Showcase its Innovative RF Test Solutions at IMS 2024

Tektronix, will be showcasing its latest Test & Measurement technology at 2024 IMS-MTTS in Washington D.C. next week. At Booth #2205 from June 18-20 they will showcase demonstrations using their extensive range of signal and spectrum analysis systems. Some products showcased at their booth will include:

Leverage AI for Advanced Signal Classification

DeepSig’s OmniSig machine-learning software receives streaming IQ data from the Tektronix USB RSA306B Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer which delivers real-time identification and classification of signals anywhere on the spectrum.

  • Capture and stream RF signals to a trained AI engine
  • Achieve next-gen RF awareness with machine learning
  • Detect signal anomalies in real-time
  • Accelerate signal identification with faster AI algorithms

Advance Radar/EW Analysis with Multi-Channel Capabilities

Easily characterize wideband RF signals on up to 8 channels using SignalVu-PC with the 6 Series B Oscilloscope, delivering the functionality of a vector signal analyzer, pulse analyzer, or spectrum analyzer and the powerful trigger capabilities of a digital oscilloscope - all in one instrument.

  • Multi-channel phase-coherent signal analysis
  • Compare frequency, amplitude and phase over time
  • Gain insight into multi-Tx Radar/EW pulse train behavior
  • Cover wider spans with 10 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth

Discover the Unexpected with Advanced Triggers

Verify signal performance in the time and frequency domains simultaneously with the RSA518 and SignalVu-PC software. Create complex environments using the Tektronix Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG70000B).

  • Detect frequency excursions beyond requirements using frequency mask trigger
  • Identify pulses outside expectations with time-qualified triggers
  • Capture rare signal event conditions with the DPX trigger

Improve System Performance with Multi-Domain Analysis

Get a more extensive view of the time and frequency characteristics of your devices under test.

  • Visualize time and frequency domains simultaneously up to 1.5 GHz on the NEW 4 Series B MSO Oscilloscope
  • Trigger and operate in both time and frequency domains with a dedicated Digital Down
  • Converter on every channel using the MSO4B Oscilloscope.
  • Unlock more space on your bench or take your measurements with you with the portable, battery-operated 2 Series MSO Oscilloscope

Tektronix at Microapps Theater #2159

TUMA5: Frequency Finesse: The Art of Synchronized RF Spectrum Analysis

Tuesday, June 18 10:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Speaker: Alejandro Buritica

This microapps session spotlights the ease of configuration and use of two or more geographically distributed real-time spectrum analyzers operating in a synchronized way to enable time-aligned, multi-channel RF analysis. Attendees will learn how they can take advantage of Tektronix SignalVu software and portable real-time spectrum analyzers to acquire and process RF signals in real-time from multiple receivers distributed across an area, enhancing their analysis, detection, and discernment of subtle signal variations in the spectral environment.

TUMA13: Trigger Tactics: Revolutionizing Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

Tuesday, June 18 1:15 PM - 1:30 PM

Speaker: Alejandro Buritica

This session explores the sophisticated functionalities of Tektronix DPX™ density triggers, time-qualified triggers, and frequency mask triggers available in Tektronix’s portable real-time spectrum analyzers. These advanced triggers offer greater confidence in isolating specific signal behaviors and anomalies in dense signal environments. DPX density triggers allow for detailed visualization and analysis of transient events. Time-qualified triggers enhance the accuracy of temporal analysis. Frequency mask triggers alert users to deviations from predefined frequency parameters. Attendees to this presentation will learn how easy it is to take advantage of these advanced triggering mechanisms to produce vital RF insights in the field.

TUMA19: Frontiers of Flexibility: Pioneering Radar with Custom Waveform Generation

Tuesday, June 18 2:45 PM - 3:00 PM

Speaker: Alejandro Buritica

This session will explore how users can harness the unparalleled flexibility of AWGs to design and execute complex radar environments with scenarios like overlapping pulses and pulse collisions, which are critical in simulating real-world conditions. Tektronix will demonstrate how these generators allow for precise control over pulse characteristics, enabling fine pulse edge placement and timing adjustments. Attendees will gain insight into leveraging AWGs for creating highly customizable and realistic radar signal environments, paving the way for innovation and future-proofing in radar system design, validation and testing.

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