Remcom Adds Schematic Optimization for Matching Network Design in XFdtd EM Simulation Software

Remcom Adds Schematic Optimization for Matching Network Design in XFdtd EM Simulation Software

Remcom is all set to unveil its new schematic optimization feature in the latest release of the XFdtd® 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software this week at IMS 2024. This new feature significantly accelerates the process of finding optimal solutions for matching network designs. The upcoming release also includes tune codes to support impedance and aperture tuner applications. These enhancements broaden XFdtd's capabilities for analyzing matching and corporate feed networks, offering a comprehensive solution for all phases of the antenna design workflow.

The optimization capability in XFdtd’s schematic editor calculates and reveals the ideal component property values and operating modes that fulfill user-defined matching network design goals, including system efficiency for antennas. The variables in a goal definition may be configured in innumerable combinations to arrive at peak performance. In contrast to manually solving using the tuning slider bars in the schematic editor’s analysis workbench, optimization eliminates a potentially overwhelming task for very complex systems containing multiple switches and capacitors by providing a software-generated solution.

The release also includes subcircuit analysis in the schematic editor and the ability to retrieve tune codes based on desired switch states. As switch states are manipulated, XFdtd updates the corresponding tune code. Alternatively, a known tune code may be entered and the software will adjust the switch states accordingly for that particular tune code. This autofill functionality eliminates the need to transcribe data from external tables, thereby removing a point of error when determining how a particular state corresponds to a given value.

Jeff Barney, XFdtd product manager, said, “The cornerstone of the XFdtd roadmap is to support engineers designing increasingly complex devices with as many efficiencies as possible. Sophisticated components like impedance tuners enable devices to operate in multiple bands, but they also complicate the path to arrive at the antenna’s optimal settings. The schematic editor eases these challenges by eliminating time-consuming and manual effort.”

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