Qorvo Launches New RF Multi-Chip Modules for Advanced Radar Applications

Qorvo Launches New RF Multi-Chip Modules for Advanced Radar Applications

Qorvo, a global provider of connectivity and power solutions, has announced the launch of three new highly integrated RF multi-chip modules (MCMs) designed for advanced radar applications. The new modules leverage Qorvo’s advanced packaging and optimal process technology to deliver the compact size, superior performance, lower noise and reduced power consumption needed for modern phased array and multifunction radar systems.

Doug Bostrom, general manager of Qorvo's Defense and Aerospace business, said, “These new multi-chip modules combine several functions into one package, reducing board area, boosting performance and streamlining both design and assembly for our customers. This approach underscores our commitment to innovation and customer success by helping accelerate their time-to-market. Complemented by our recent acquisition of Anokiwave and associated beamformer technology, Qorvo is well positioned to provide complete solutions for phased array radar applications."

The New RF Multi-Chip Modules are listed below:

QPF5001 12W X-band front-end module (FEM): Combines a power amplifier, low noise amplifier (LNA), and limiter in one compact module, reducing the board area by approximately 50% compared to discrete component solutions

QPM2101 S-band Receive variable gain amplifier (VGA) MCM: Integrates an LNA, 6-bit digital step attenuator, Rx buffer and T/R switch, delivering a 40% reduction in board area

QPB1029 L-band filter bank MCM: Integrates two switches on both sides of eight filters and a bypass. Housed in a 10 x 10 mm package, it is the industry’s smallest L-band radar eight-channel switched filter bank, enabling radar designers to achieve size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) goals

Qorvo continues to lead in providing scalable, high-performance RF solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace and defense industries.

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