InnoPhase IoT Launches Talaria TWO Matter v1.2 Certified Wi-Fi Solution for Smart Home Devices

InnoPhase IoT Launches Talaria TWO Matter v1.2 Certified Wi-Fi Solution for Smart Home Devices

InnoPhase IoT, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra-low power Wi-Fi IoT solutions, announces the availability of its Talaria TWO Matter v1.2 certified Wi-Fi solution. It is based on a single-chip SoC compared with the multiple-chip approach taken by many vendors. The Matter protocol addresses the need for vendor-independent device compatibility, easy setup, and operation. This allows the Talaria TWO Matter 1.2 solution to enable device interoperability across a variety of ecosystems, including Apple, Google, Amazon Alexa, Samsung, etc., providing a wider selection of home automation devices for smart home users.

“By 2030, ABI Research expects more than 1.5 billion Matter-compliant smart home devices to ship annually, many of which will be battery powered,” says Andrew Zignani, Senior Research Director, ABI Research. “InnoPhase IoT’s Talaria TWO solution combines its ultra-low power Wi-Fi with support for Matter 1.2 specification to deliver enhanced interoperability and extended battery life to key smart home IoT applications such as Wi-Fi enabled smart door locks, lighting, thermostats, and sensor solutions. This will be critical in providing an enhanced customer experience, up to 4x improvement in battery life, seamless provisioning via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and high levels of security.”

The Matter stack runs on the Talaria TWO SoC for both standalone and microcontroller (MCU) host configurations. The standalone operation provides the most power, size, and cost-efficient option. Flexibility is provided by allowing customers to use an external MCU host by offloading Matter protocol processing onto the Talaria TWO SoC so that developers can use MCU processing and memory resources specifically for custom applications. It also allows for the selection of a Cortex-M0 to Cortex-M85-based processor that is appropriate for the application. With a Matter over lowest-power Wi-Fi approach, rather than Matter over Thread, the Talaria TWO solution delivers a direct connection to the cloud/internet, eliminating the need and cost of a bridge border router.

The Talaria TWO Matter full-stack software development kit, SDK 3.1, is based on FreeRTOS and provides edge-to-cloud software for custom IoT applications, a GCC toolchain, and an eclipse-based IDE for software development. It also includes Matter 1.2 reference applications profiles for smart lighting and door locks with support for Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms. Additional profiles will be released in Q3 2024. The Talaria TWO Matter SDK3.1 is supported on the standalone Talaria TWO Evaluation Kit, as well as reference designs combining Talaria TWO modules with the Nuvoton M251 and Nuvoton M2354 MCU series hosts. The solution is scalable to other MCUs through a HAPI interface between Talaria TWO and MCU hosts.

“Nuvoton is excited to be working with InnoPhase IoT to deliver Matter 1.2 solutions,” said Chad Wu, Nuvoton Vice President of the Microcontroller Business Group. “Combining Nuvoton’s highly secure NuMicro® microcontrollers and microprocessors with InnoPhase IoT’s ultra-low power Talaria TWO Wi-Fi/BLE modules in a Matter reference design notably speeds up market entry for smart home device customers, enabling a rapid launch advantage.”

“Achieving Matter 1.2 certification is a game changer in secure device connectivity, ensuring that smart-home devices work together seamlessly,” said Wiren Perera, InnoPhase IoT President and COO. “Our Talaria TWO delivers Wi-Fi at ultra-low power levels synonymous with shorter range technologies, unleashing truly untethered secure IoT devices. Next, it was important to provide manufacturer and ecosystem-independent interoperability for consumers. A scalable Matter 1.2 certified capability addresses this challenge for a wide range of smart-home applications from appliances through entertainment and comfort to utilities and services,” Perera added.

The Talaria TWO Matter v1.2 solution is currently available. Customers can purchase the evaluation kit from InnoPhase IoT and its distributors and the M251+T2 and M2354+T2 reference designs from Nuvoton distributors. Matter SDK3.1 is available from the InnoPhase IoT website customer portal.

InnoPhase IoT will showcase its Matter 1.2 certified solutions at Sensors Converge in Santa Clara, CA, June 24-26 at booth #917. Deepal Mehta, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development, will present on the Cloud-To-Edge Architecture panel on Tuesday, June 25 at 3:20 PM.

Click here to learn more about the Talaria TWO Matter v1.2 certified Wi-Fi solution.

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