ACCO Launches CMOS RF Front-End Module for IoT

ACCO Semiconductor has announced the launch of their AC81030 integrated RF front-end module for Internet of Things (IoT) applications which will offer the first economical cost-effective solution to serve the world market with one device. The high level of integration will allow IoT module makers to be faster to market with simpler lower cost designs without sacrificing functionality.

Developed in collaboration with a leading LTE SoC provider, the ACCO AC81030 will enable system-on-chip and IoT module manufacturers to have a single reference design or product SKU that addresses several market segments worldwide. Through economies of scale, better inventory management and a simplified supply chain, solutions based on the ACCO AC81030 will significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership that is critical to the growth of the cellular IoT market.

ACCO has developed and patented RF front-end technology for mobile communications devices (power amplifiers and antenna switches) that uses standard complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) processing. ACCO's breakthrough bulk CMOS cellular power amplifier offers highly linear performance yet can operate at high power without breakdown or degradation, which was previously considered impossible. The use of CMOS in the RF front-end improves functionality at a reduced size and cost for both smart phones and the Internet of Things, as well as leverages the mature, reliable, high volume CMOS supply chain.

The highlights of the AC81030 are:

  • Standard bulk CMOS process
  • Low profile LGA package
  • Complete RF front-end in 4.1x5.8mm
  • 3GPP Cat 0 half duplex, Cat M1 (LTE-M) and Cat NB1 (NB-IOT) support
  • Integrated cost-effective SAW-less receive filtering
  • Meets all NS-07 requirements with full output power
Publisher: everything RF
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