Integra Devices Enables RF/Microwave Mechanical Relays to be Embedded Directly within PCBs

Integra Devices has developed the capability to embedded true electromechanical microwave relays directly within the PCB. They are now offering services and custom substrates that allow customers to embed 8 GHz, 12 GHz and even 20 GHz relays within the circuit path. This is ideal for applications such as re-configurable and phased array antennas that require density and performance.

This negates the need for complex I/O between the relays and other high frequency circuit elements, improving the overall circuit performance. Additionally, this technology allows for other elements to be mounted above the relay on the PCB, helping increase valuable real estate. This is groundbreaking technology offers designers another way to considerably increase the performance of their products.

Integra Devices produces advanced, smart, integrated micro devices, such as microwave components and micro-sensing systems for the Internet of Things and 5G wireless applications. Integra’s patented, transformative manufacturing technology creates these highly complex micro-devices at 1/10th the cost to innovate, 1/3rd the time to develop, and 1/4th the cost to manufacture compared to conventional methods. Click here to learn more.

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