New OCXO Line for Low Earth Orbit Satellite Applications

Bliley Technologies has announced a Low earth Orbit (LEO) satellite OCXO product line called Iris. The Iris series of OCXO's are specifically designed for LEO orbit space applications. They have been designed to be radiation tolerant for both total ionizing dosage and linear energy transfer typical of LEO orbits. Iris offers high quality and performance with excellent phase noise stability and g-sensitivity. Its low power dissipation and small size compared to traditional space OCXOs makes it a great choice for small LEO payloads.

Developed by leveraging Bliley’s space heritage and ultra low phase noise design capabilities, the Iris series solves all of the SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) requirements that are driven by smaller satellites. The ultra stable master reference oscillator (MRO) paired with an optional Phase Lock Loop (PLL) circuitry, offers huge advantage for LEO constellations that needs high performance for a low cost.

The launch of the low-cost space OCXO designed specifically for large satellite constellations was accelerated seeing the imperative need for high speed connectivity in today’s data driven world. Iris is the center of Bliley’s strategic focus for New Space, and they are excited to have launch customers under contract with very large LEO constellations planned. Click here to learn more about the Iris OCXO's.

Publisher: everything RF