MACOM Introduces Integrated AlGaAs PIN Diode Switches up to 110 GHz

Multi-market customers today are demanding more bandwidth, making high frequency operation more of a necessity. Transmission loss and signal integrity are critical for developing efficient systems. PIN-based AlGaAs switches allow for minimal signal losses at very high frequencies. MACOM has developed three new PIN diode switches based on AlGaAs technology. The MASW-011094 is a Ka-Band high power terminated SPDT PIN diode switch, MASW-011029, a wideband SP3T PIN diode switch and the MASW-011087, a Ka-Band SP4T PIN diode switch. 

The table below outlines typical performance for the three switches:

The low loss translates to less noise generated, while maintaining transmit and receive signal integrity. In addition, the lower power loss allows for less compensation needed further down the RF/uW signal chain. While other technologies are available, AlGaAs-based switches have a clear advantage due to their power handling and low loss characteristics. A discrete heterojunction AlGaAs PIN diode switch demonstrates a factor of two reduction in high frequency insertion loss compared to other switches in its class which equates to reliable system performance at higher frequency bands.

Bandgap Engineering has been used to produce novel semiconductor structures in the microwave industry for over two decades. Utilizing the properties of multiple quantum wells, superlattices and heterojunctions, a new class of semiconductors grown by molecular beam epitaxy and metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy has been created. These band gap principles have been applied to the development of MACOM’s patented AlGaAs technology resulting in a significant advancement in the RF performance of PIN diodes.

Featuring MACOM’s AlGaAs technology, these switches operate up to 110 GHz and boast high isolation, low insertion loss and are available as reflective and terminated devices. These switches are ideally suited for satellite and Point-to-Point communications systems, radar systems, radiometers, test and instrumentation equipment and other high frequency applications.

Samples are available now.

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