LightPointe Expands its 80 GHz mmWave Multi-Gigabit Wireless Backhaul Solutions

LightpointeLightPointe, a manufacturer of mmWave point-to-point radios for wireless backhaul, has added two new radio configurations to its 80 GHz radio portfolio. The AireLink 80 Series now includes four radio configurations with antennas ranging from a small and attractive 8 inch model, for deployment in ETSI countries in Europe, to a large 3 foot system capable of transmitting over 12 miles, depending on geographic location and availability requirements. Such point-to-point radios are deployed by businesses, 4G and 5G telecom carriers, and other organizations to transmit massive streams of data between buildings or towers, thus avoiding the installation and recurring costs of trenching for fiber.

LightPointe’s AireLink 80 Series of wireless millimeter wave radios is designed for enterprise building-to-building/campus connectivity, ISPs, security camera backhaul networks, and mobile wireless service providers seeking fiber-like multi-gigabit backhaul capacity.

Their affordable and state-of-the-art backhaul radios can be equipped with four high gain parabolic antennas of different sizes for shorter and longer distance applications. In addition, AireLink radios are available with built-in Bluetooth street-level remote link and performance monitoring, a unique smartphone enabled LightPointe feature which aids in installation, mapping, and ongoing monitoring.

These millimeter wave Wireless Fiber systems are now the preferred method for connecting buildings and cell towers as they have a very low downtime of less than 5.26 minutes a year. Aside from being lower cost than trenching or leasing fiber, LightPointe’s AireLink Series enables organizations to own their own private network and help protect sensitive employee and customer data from eavesdropping and cyber security issues, which is obviously a huge challenge and potential liability in today’s world.

In addition, by using LightPointe’s Dual Pole Adapter, customers can easily double the bandwidth by adding another AireLink 80 radio to an existing radio installation and double the bandwidth and throughput.

The goal of the AireLink 80 Series is to create a ‘future-proof’ solution which can grow with the demands of the customer’s network via innovative and flexible software license upgrades. This makes the AireLink 80 Series a safe, long-term investment, which also provides a fast ROI compared to alternative radios or fiber.

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