LBA Group Launches Industry's First RF Safety Service Center

LBA Group has launched the industry's first RF Safety One Stop service center. LBA has integrated the resources, products, technical expertise and customer support excellence of its three business units to create this first-in-class resource for OSHA/FCC radio frequency (RF) safety and health compliance.

The RF Safety One Stop is a direct line to RF environmental audit and survey services, NIER studies, online RF awareness certification, RF safety monitors and MPE survey equipment, signage, RF/EMF shielding products and more. It includes enterprise-level coordination and provisioning to integrate total organizational RF safety and management under one responsibility.

The identification, management and mitigation of radio frequency hazards are a large and growing challenge. The environment is awash with millions of RF signals from an infinite variety of cell tower antennas, medical, communications and industrial sources. An unknown and constantly changing number of RF signals pose hazards to human health and do not comply with FCC and OSHA guidelines. RF signals can also pose hazards to machines and processes, sometimes with secondary injuries and production disruptions. Few companies organically possess the means or expertise even to determine the existence of internal hazards, much less manage or remediate them. The RF Safety One Stop service center offers the industry an integrated approach to address all RF hazard issues such as ensuring worker health, public protection, minimization of lost production costs, and compliance with government regulations. Click here to learn more about this service.

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