World's First Non Linear Transmission Line in a Surface Mount QFN Package

Marki Microwave NLTL

Marki Microwave is now offering its low phase noise NLTL (Non Linear Transmission Line) based comb generator in a small surface-mount 5mm QFN package.

The NLTL-6273SM is a MMIC nonlinear transmission line fabricated with GaAs Schottky varactor diodes providing low cost, conversion-efficient comb generation with "near ideal" 20logN phase noise performance. This NLTL offers excellent phase noise performance over a low 0.7 to 5 GHz input frequency range with output tones to 24 GHz. It offers very low phase noise for clock signal generation.

NLTL Marki

This is a fully passive NLTL that operates under a low frequency, large signal input. No DC bias is required for optimal performance. The NLTL-6273 is also available as a bare die or in a connectorized package. Click here to learn more about this product.

Publisher: everything RF
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