LightPointe Deploys 60 GHz Secure Radios at Multiple Airports

LightPointe has deployed fourteen of its Gigabit capacity AireLink 60 mm-Wave radios at multiple airports. The aviation company that deployed this solution wanted faster data transmission and higher security for its wireless connections between terminals, aircraft hangers, and offices that had used wireless bridges based on WiFi technology. However wireless bridges based on WiFi are susceptible to cybersecurity problems such as hacking and data theft. The 60 GHz AireLink radios help avoid RF interference and congestion issues making them a better solution for sensitive environments like airports.

LightPointe’s systems utilize a very narrow beam between buildings, which enables highly secure data transmission and avoids interference with sensitive electronics associated with airports, aircraft, and radar systems. The radios use LightPointe’s nine levels of Adaptive Coding and Modulation that automatically enhance the links in real-time, ensuring up to 99.999% availability. Furthermore, their automatic transmission power control (ATPC) feature helps ensure robust operation under difficult weather conditions - which is important for airports.

AireLink radios are also suited for other applications in which EMI - Electromagnetic Interference - must be avoided, such as in public utility plants, military bases, hospitals, and industrial manufacturing plants with sensitive equipment used for production and safety. The radios are available for the 60 GHz V-Band as well as for 70, 80, and 90 GHz E-Band frequencies providing a total aggregated capacity of up to 40 Gbps Full Duplex - meaning each side of the link transmits up to 20 Gbps simultaneously.

Publisher: everything RF