eCall Test Solution Earns Independent Certification as Public Safety Answering Point Simulator

Anritsu’s eCall Tester MX703330E has earned independent certification as a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) simulator by NavCert, an EU-government-approved test body. By receiving NavCert certification, Anritsu’s eCall test solution that integrates the eCall Tester MX703330E software and its Signalling Tester MD8475A/B supports type-approval tests in compliance with Commission Delegated Regulation 2017/79, as well as CEN EN16454: 2015 conformance tests.

By earning certification from the EU-approved NavCert, the Anritsu eCall test solution provides customers with complete confidence for earning equipment-type approval. The MX703330E software emulates the communications sequence between the eCall in-vehicle system (IVS) and PSAP. The Signalling Tester MD8475A/B functions as a base station for configuring the virtual GSM/WCDMA network used by eCall.

Adding the SmartStudio Manager MX847503A software automates the settings and test procedures for Minimum Set of Data (MSD) communications tests and voice-call connections required by CEN EN16454: 2015 and other approval tests, helping eliminate operator error and increasing eCall evaluation test efficiency. Moreover, the MX703330E software also supports the ERA-GLONASS emergency service system deployment in Russia.

eCall is a pan-European emergency-call system for sending information about road accidents to a PSAP. The mandatory fitting of 112-based eCall IVS on all new M1- and N1-category vehicles begins March 31, 2018. Regulation 2017/79, specifying detailed technical requirements and test procedures for the type approval, requires using a PSAP simulator under the control of the technical service, compliant with the applicable EN standards and certified in accordance with EN16454.

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