API Technologies Partners with pureLiFi to Deliver LiFi Based Secure Solutions

API Technologies through its UK-based Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) business has signed a partnership agreement with leading LiFi solutions provider pureLiFi. According to the agreement, the companies will jointly deliver to the TEMPEST and Secure marketplace an array of LiFi products, certified to TEMPEST SDIP 27/2 and, where communications are classified SECRET or above, Secure SDIP 29 standards.

API Technologies' SST business collaboration with pureLiFi will be the first to deliver TEMPEST or Secure configurations utilizing pureLiFi's LiFi technology. These solutions will utilize pureLiFi proprietary technology to form wireless connectivity that delivers high speed, bi-directional and mobile data communication via the light spectrum. These LiFi enabled IT solutions are designed for use in government office communications or secure mobile deployment and mission critical computing applications requiring uninterrupted, secure transmission of data, plus the flexibility and mobility of a wireless network configuration.

Through SST's in-house manufacturing capability to produce TEMPEST and Secure Communications certified products, SST and pureLiFi will jointly introduce the increased security benefits of this leading edge technology to the communications market. The LiFi solution secures the communications signal within a physical space, which protects it from hacking or signal interference attempts from devices outside the solution's area of illumination. In addition, they utilize the light spectrum, which has more than 1,000 times more bandwidth than the RF spectrum used by traditional Wi-Fi technologies.

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