LightPointe Solution Delivers 10 Gbps Radios to Provide Wireless Connectivity to Data Centers

LightPointe and its partner KLA Laboratories, an IT integrator, have announced the sale of multiple 10 Gbps backhaul radios to a major telecom service provider in the US. LightPointe’s AireLink Series radios were installed as part of their customer’s redundant IT infrastructure and risk management strategy, providing wireless connectivity to data centers. In addition to end-users obtaining unsurpassed network uptime, the deployments provide faster-than-fiber access to cloud-based data for employees, which enhances business operations efficiency and reduces operating expenses. KLA’s customers include Local Exchange Carriers and Internet Service Providers which deploy wireless bridges.

According to the Ponemon Institute, a data center outage can cost an organization US $7,900 per minute. In a research study, 91% of respondents said they experienced unplanned outages in the last 24 months with an average incident lasting 86 minutes - which is about US $680,000 per incident. Organizations deploy wireless solutions to increase uptime by either owning radios themselves or acquiring them from Platform as a Service (PaaS) vendors.

To know more about LightPointe’s AireLink Series radios, click here.

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