Vaunix Launches 50 MHz to 18 GHz Programmable Digital Attenuator

Vaunix has released a new high-resolution digital attenuator, LDA-5018V. The LDA-5018V digital attenuator is a highly accurate, bi-directional, 50-ohm step attenuator. It provides calibrated attenuation from 50 MHz to 18 GHz (VHF-, UHF-, L-, S-, C, X-, and Ku-band frequencies) with an exceptionally precise step size of just 0.1 dB, while offering typical accuracy of <1.0 dB over 50 dB of control range. This device is sized to fit into a single rack unit for ATE applications, is easily portable, and can operate multiple devices directly from a PC or self-powered hub.

Vaunix's Lab Brick programmable digital attenuators are easily programmable to accomplish fixed attenuation, swept attenuation ramps, and fading profiles directly from the included Graphical User Interface (GUI). Alternatively, for users wishing to develop their own interface, they supply LabVIEW drivers, Windows API DLL files, Linux drivers, Python examples, and much more.

LDA-5018V can be purchased online and currently has a 3-week turnaround.

Publisher: everything RF
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  • Country: United States
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