LightPointe Provides 10 Gbps Wireless Solution to Solve Network Saturation & Interference Issues


LightPointe Communications, a leading mm-wave radios manufacturer, has announced that it has solved the network constraints of the John Paul The Great Catholic University.

The university’s two current point-to-point 1 Gbps, wireless systems were saturated and experiencing interference. Given the constraints JPCatholic faced, and with their current vendor unable to provide a resolution, they turned to LightPointe for a solution. As a university for modern creative arts, JPCatholic relies every day on a highly reliable, high capacity, high-speed network for intra-campus connectivity.

LightPointe’s solution was to deploy their newest 10 Gbps full duplex product, the AireLink 60-10Gig. It is an excellent cost-effective alternative to licensed E-band (70/80 GHz) radios. Since no regulatory applications or fees are required, it can be installed in a day and help interconnect buildings or towers up to 1.8 km away (over 1 mile). The AireLink 60-10Gig operates in two modes - 2 x 1.25 Gbps Ethernet connectivity incorporating a fully integrated Ethernet switch (2.5 Gbps aggregate throughput), or 10 Gbps direct fiber-to-radio connectivity for maximum throughput and minimum latency. It is housed in a compact enclosure that’s easy to deploy, and utilizes the license-free V-Band spectrum.

With 10 Gbps of full duplex capacity JPCatholic now has 10x the bandwidth of their previous links and is positioned for future growth. Welcoming a record incoming class of students and a new wireless network, JPCatholic has reported perfect performance and solid reliability of the AireLink 60-10Gig system.

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