Echodyne Receives FCC Approval for Its High-Performance 3D Radar

Echodyne Receives FCC Approval for Its High-Performance 3D Radar

Echodyne has now received approval from FCC for widespread deployment of its EchoGuard radar for radio-location and radio-navigation in the United States. The FCC equipment authorization allows the radar to be used throughout the country for ground and airspace surveillance applications that detect and track potential security threats with high accuracy and for ground-based airspace management applications that ensure safe navigation of commercial drone missions.

Echodyne’s innovative metamaterials technology and powerful software combine to create Electronically Scanning Array (ESA) radar in a compact, solid-state format at commercial price points for the very first time. The radar has been demonstrating award-winning performance for government, law enforcement, security, and UAS / UTM customers for some time via experimental licenses.

With the growing number of troubling drone incursions at airports, stadiums, and other facilities, there is tremendous demand for high-performance radar sensors. Echodyne’s innovative radar technology and software greatly increases the ability for security systems to accurately detect and track drone threats, as well as improves ground tracking of people, vehicles, and vessels. According to Echodyne, the radar outperforms every other radar in its class, is priced for commercial markets, and has proven to be the best mid-range surveillance radar in the market.

Features of the high-performance radar include:

  • True electronic beam-steering with market-leading C-SWaP attributes
  • Long-range detection with high reliability and accurate tracking of multiple, concurrent air and ground targets
  • Easy integration into sensor fusion and security systems for unmatched 3D situational awareness.

Click here to view detailed info of the EchoGuard radar for 3D security.

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