Secure & Robust Radio Module for Building Automation Applications

Secure & Robust Radio Module for Building Automation Applications

SMK Electronics Europe, a manufacturer of electronic components, has introduced the IP500 compliant CNX200M Radio Module for improving the security and performance of building automation applications at CES 2020 (Booth #41118).

Successfully meeting VdS ‘Intrusion’ requirements, the CNX200M was confirmed as the most robust wireless IoT network module for security applications – and the only RF communications technology to be used in EU industrial and commercial building automation. With the development of the CNX200M Radio Module, SMK and the IP500 Alliance team have produced what is perhaps the industry’s first fully secure wireless IoT communications platform for Personal Area Networks.

Based on true dual-band, fully scalable asynchronous meshing topology, the CNX200M effectively optimizes Platform security and performance. Fixed-installation field testing has subsequently confirmed these findings, including attaining VdS approval for ‘Fire & Safety applications’.

Industry response to the introduction of SMK’s CNX200M Radio Module has been brisk, with the module’s overwhelming acceptance putting the IP500 Alliance Standard ahead all other paradigms for IoT Platforms. Building Automation markets expected to be more than double by 2025, the opportunity for innovative technologies, products, and relationships is clear. SMK is partnering with CoreNetiX in 2020 and other Alliance members, to provide the most robust, secure and cost-effective Commercial Automation Platforms possible.

The IP500 Alliance is an international initiative of manufacturers, users and operators to define, develop and provide a wireless, manufacturer-neutral, secure communication IoT platform for PAN applications. 

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