Coolzorb 5G

Microwave Absorber by Laird Connectivity

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The CoolZorb 5G from Laird is a hybrid thermal & EMI absorbing material that supports 5G handheld device and network infrastructure applications. It is specifically designed for the millimeter wave and microwave frequencies that 5G will use. The multifunctional CoolZorb 5G serves as a heat-mitigating gap filler and EMI-reducing absorber to optimize 5G system performance.

CoolZorb 5G also suppresses unwanted energy coupling, resonances or surface currents causing board level EMI issues. It is available in standard sheet sizes of 18” x 18” and ranges in thickness from 0.040” - 0.200” (1.0 mm- 5.1 mm).

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    Coolzorb 5G
  • Manufacturer
    Laird Connectivity
  • Description
    Hybrid Thermal/EMI Absorber for 5G High Frequency

General Parameters

  • Configuration
  • Application Industry
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Absorption
    9 to 17.3 dB/cm
  • Thickness (Inch)
    0.020 to 0.2 Inches
  • Thickness (mm)
    1 to 5.1 mm
  • Dimension
    18” X 18”

Technical Documents