MAS-200 Series

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The MAS-200 series are thin, flexible resonant absorbers that operate from 0.9 to 16.0 GHz. This product is formulated using custom magnetic active fillers. These absorbers are tuned by varying the loading and thickness of the MagRAM (Magnetic Radar Absorbing Material) sheets, allowing for attenuation of the RF signal at the desired frequency (Usually 25 dB at the center frequency with a bandwidth of up to 10%). The standard sheet measures 24 x 24 inches. 

The MAS-200 series of absorbers are ideal for suppression of extraneous reflections within electronics enclosures, reduction of stray RF radiation in an antenna compartment and to decrease the RCS of objects.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    MAS-200 Series
  • Manufacturer
    MWT Materials
  • Description
    Flexible Resonant Absorber from 0.9 to 16 GHz

General Parameters

  • Geometry
  • Application Industry
  • Indoor/Outdoor
    Indoor, Outdoor
  • Absorption
    25 dB
  • Frequency
    0.9 to 16 GHz
  • Power
    0.5 W/Cm2
  • Thickness
    0.05 to 0.23 Inch/1.5 to 6 mm
  • Thickness
    0.05 to 0.23 Inch
  • Thickness (mm)
    1.5 to 6 mm
  • Dimension
    24 x 24 inches(L x W)
  • Operating Temperature
    -55 to 165 Degrees C

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