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The N9952B from Keysight Technologies is an all-in-one portable instrument that can be configured to function as a VNA, spectrum analyzer, power meter, or vector voltmeter, and supports more than 25 different measurement functions. It operates from 300 kHz to 50 GHz. The analyzer can capture elusive signals with 120 MHz gap-free, real-time bandwidth has software-defined measurement functions, and can make on-the-go, accurate spectrum analyzer measurements within a ± 0.2 dB range. This handheld device can measure all four S-parameters simultaneously with a dynamic range of 105 dB and includes a cable & antenna tester (CAT). It has an in-built GPS/GNSS receiver for geolocation and timestamping.

The analyzer is available in a compact case with a variety of coaxial & waveguide connector options, LAN cable, power cord, and an AC/DC adapter. This analyzer is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery and is provided with a soft carrying case having backpack and shoulder straps. It is ideal for performing over-the-air measurements of 5G NR and LTE networks.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Keysight Technologies
  • Description
    Handheld Microwave Analyzer from 300 kHz to 50 GHz

General Parameters

  • Applications
  • Equipment Type
    Handheld Analyzer
  • Frequency
    300 kHz to 50 GHz
  • Features
    Cable Loss, VSWR, Return Loss, Insertion Loss
  • Data Points
    101, 201, 401, 601, 801, 1001, 1601, 4001, 10, 001
  • Dynamic Range
    105 dB
  • Max Input Power
    0.5 W
  • Supply Voltage
    40 V
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • Connectors
    2.4 mm, 2.4 mm - Male
  • Dimensions
    292 x 188 x 82 mm (11.5 in x 7.4 in x 3.2 in)
  • Weight
    3.34 kg or 7.35 lbs including battery
  • Tags
    FireFox handheld Series
  • Operating Temperature
    0 to 55 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -55 to 71 Degree C

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