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ATS1800C Image

The R&S®ATS1800 from Rohde & Schwarz is a Compact 5G NR mmWave Test Chamber that can be used from 6 to 110 GHz. Inside the fully shielded chamber is the compact antenna test range (CATR) consisting of a feed antenna (23.5 to 44 GHz), a bidirectional parabolic reflector, and a 3D positioner. The parabolic reflector is specially designed with optimized rolled edges that ensure well distributed power of the collimated beams after reflection. With the use of CATR technology, a 30 cm quiet zone is created to accommodate both a black-box measurement approach and large DUTs. Heavy DUTs can be placed on the highly accurate and stable 3D positioner so that parameters such as TRP, EIRP and EIS can be automated and measured.

The R&S®ATS1800 measures 0.90 x 1.99 x 1.53 m and is suitable for far-field over-the-air RF measurements of 5G related devices and components. It is easily transportable with wheels and has a footprint small enough to go through most doors, so it easily fits into R&D labs or test houses of all sizes.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Rohde & Schwarz
  • Description
    Compact 5G NR mmWave Test Chamber from 6 to 110 GHz

General Parameters

  • Frequency
    23.5 to 44 GHz (In Band), 6 to 110 GHz (Out Band)
  • Test Methods
  • Measurement Types
    TRP, EIRP, EIS, 3D Radiation Pattern
  • Shielding Effectiveness
    90 dB
  • DUT Size
    30 cm
  • DUT Weight
    8 kg
  • Rotation Range
    360 Degree
  • Rotation Speed
    150 Degree s
  • No. of Antennas/Probes
    1 Probe
  • Antenna Positioner
  • Antenna Polarization
  • Antenna Rotation Resolution
    0.03 Degree
  • Communication Interface
  • Connector
    2.4 mm
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • Dimension
    54 x 56 cm
  • Outside Dimension
    2.76 x 1.18 in
  • Weight
    500 kg
  • AC Voltage
    100 to 230 VAC
  • Applications
  • CTIA Compliant
  • RoHS
  • Operating Temperature
    20 to 30 Degree C
  • Storage Temperage
    -10 to 50 Degree C

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