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The GIM05 from MilliBox is a Spherical Roll Antenna Positioner for over-the-air (OTA) mmWave and THz measurements. This antenna positioner has gears which are made of precision machined DelrinTM material for higher strength and a long-life span. It has smart actuators with an absolute encoder resolution of better than 0.1°. The probe side is motorized to match the polarization of the DUT during the rolling capture sweep and can also be programmed for any other cross polarization measurement. It supports DUTs which have a width of 340/440 mm, depth of 113/175 mm, and a weight of up to 5 Kg. This positioner allows the depth and the height to be mechanically adjusted to accommodate various DUT size requirements.

The GIM05 provides pass-thru channels at the center of each rotation axis and numerous anchor points along the path for power, control, or RF. Unlike traditional azimuth-elevation positioners, this antenna positioner holds the DUT from the back which completely clears the sides from obstruction and stray reflections coming from the positioner body. It is controlled by a Python-based software provided in the source which allows easy integration with any instrument or DUT with several built-in capture modes in multiple dimensions.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Milliwave Silicon Solutions
  • Description
    Spherical Roll Antenna Positioner for mmWave/THz OTA Measurements

General Parameters

  • Type
    Rotary Positioners
  • Measurement Height
    327 mm
  • DUT Height
    340 mm / 440 mm
  • DUT Size
    W 340 x D 113 mm, W 440 x D 175 mm
  • Weight
    5 kg (DUT)

Technical Documents