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The FemtoStepper from Safran is a High-Resolution Phase and Frequency Synthesizer. It provides an output of 4 x 10 MHz signals with a resolution of < 100 fs to control and adjust the output drift of a primary reference clock or standard, such as an active hydrogen maser clock, without changing its behavior. The drift can be automatically compensated through the AutoDrift feature.

The output is generated from an ultra-low-noise crystal oscillator phase-locked to the input improving the phase noise characteristic. It uses a built-in 10 MHz signal to generate the 1PPS output signal. Through a dedicated command, the 1PPS output can be aligned to a reference 1PPS input signal. It is designed for clock ensemble modeling and time & frequency generation from a clock ensemble system.

The FemtoStepper provides an output-to-output isolation of more than 50 dB. It has an RS232 digital interface to control the output phase or frequency. This synthesizer is available in an enclosure that measures 445 x 300 x 88 mm and has SMA-female connectors. It can operate on both AC/DC supplies. The synthesizer is suitable for use in clock ensemble/drift modeling systems, time & frequency generation from clock ensembling systems, time scale for metrology lab systems, GNSS navigational systems and time generation system for GNSS ground time monitoring facilities.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Safran Electronics & Defense
  • Description
    High-Performance, High-Resolution Phase & Frequency Synthesizer

General Parameters

  • Synthesizer Type
    Fixed Frequency
  • Frequency
    40 MHz
  • Resolution
  • Reference Frequency
    10 MHz
  • Application
  • Application Type
    Doppler Shift Compensation, Calibration, Instrumentation
  • Output Power
    11 to 15 dBm
  • Input Power
    9 to 15 dBm
  • Interface
  • Supply Voltage
    85-264 VAC or 22-28 VDC
  • Phase Noise
    -150 to -90 dBc/Hz
  • Phasenoise 10 KHz
    -150 dBc/Hz
  • Phasenoise 100 KHz
    -150 dBc/Hz
  • Impedance
    45 to 55 Ohms
  • Package Type
    Rack Mount
  • Connector
    SMA - Female
  • Weight
    6.0 Kg
  • Dimension
    445 x 300 x 88 mm (2U)
  • Grade
    Commercial, Military, Space
  • Operating Temperature
    20 to 30 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -25 to 55 Degree C
  • Note
    Power Consumption: 40 W

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