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The TerraGreen from Isola Group is an RF/Microwave Laminate Material that meets the IPC-4103/17, UL 94 V-0, and E41625 standards. It has a dielectric constant of 3.45 that is stable between the temperature range from -55 and 125°Celsius, for up to W-band frequencies (110 GHz). The material has a dielectric loss of 0.0032 which was measured by the Bereskin Stripline test method. It has a thermal conductivity of 0.63 W/m-K and reaches dielectric breakdown at 45.4 kV.

The TerraGreen is available in laminate sheet/panels form, prepreg roll/panel form, copper foil, or copper weight type, and is compatible with Isola’s FR-4 materials for hybrid designs. It requires a short-lamination cycle, is easy to drill, does not require plasma desmear, and the prepreg shelf life is similar to FR-4 materials. The laminate material is ideal for application in digital backplanes (high-layer count, high-speed) and for power amplifier boards for LTE base stations, internet infrastructure, and cloud computing.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Isola Group
  • Description
    Halogen-free, Very Low Loss RF/Microwave Laminate

General Parameters

  • Dk (Dielectric Constant)
  • Df (Dissipation Factor)
  • Td
    390 Degrees C
  • Tg
    200 Degrees C
  • CTE x-y
    16 ppm/°C
  • CTE z
    2.9 %
  • Electrical Strength
    45 kV/mm
  • Industry Application
    Aerospace & Defense, Wireless Infrastructure, Automotive
  • Moisture_Absorbtion
    0.05 %
  • Peel Strength
    0.88 N/mm
  • Arc Resistance
    139 Sec
  • Dielectric Breakdown
    45.4 kV
  • Flexural Strength (Machine/Cross)
    60 to 75.5 ksi
  • Poisson’s Ratio (Machine/Cross)
    0.231 to 0.238
  • Thermal Conductivity
    0.63 W/m·K

Technical Documents