Aire X-Stream 70/80GHz Series

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The Aire X-Stream Series from LightPointe is a high power, low latency 70/80 GHz wireless solution for fast data transmission, such as High Speed Trading (HFT) networks, military and homeland security applications, and other time-sensitive data and video backhaul environments. With equipment/terminal latency of less than 10 ns/nanoseconds, these radios offer full duplex Layer 1 transmission transparency with system latency up to 5,000 times less than standard Gigabit Ethernet radios. The solution enable organizations - including businesses, hospitals, government agencies, and schools-to connect buildings wirelessly at 2.5 Gbps (5.0 Gbps total aggregated link capacity). This backhaul system has an antenna which has a gain of more than 45 dBi and have a range of up to 5 miles/8.5 km. These new radios provide more power and are available in six configurations and three antenna options (1ft/30cm, 2ft/60cm, 3ft/90cm), including a new 3 foot Extra Long Range high gain antenna which covers even longer distances, enabling customers to connect buildings or towers up to ten miles apart. They can even be used to set up daisy-chain links back to back for faster-than-fiber transmission between cities or even states and countries. With low equipment latency the Aire X-Stream Series claims to be faster than even fiber, which is far more expensive to deploy and can involve years obtaining regulatory and city infrastructure trenching and repair permits.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    Aire X-Stream 70/80GHz Series
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Ultra Low Latency 70/80 GHz Point to Point Backhaul Radios

General Parameters

  • Type
  • Frequency
    72.375 to 84.875 GHz
  • Data Rate
    1.25, 2.50 Gbps(Full Duplexer) 2.5, 5 Gbps(total aggregate link capacity)
  • Frequency Band
    E Band
  • Band
    Licensed Band
  • Transmission Power
    20 to 23 dBm
  • Configuration
  • Integrated Antenna
  • Antenna Gain
    45, 51 and 54 dBi
  • Antenna Polarization
    Horizontal, Vertical
  • Power Consumption
    20 W
  • Voltage
    110/230 VAC
  • Temperature
    -35 to 60 Degrees C

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