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The MSYS245 from Emblation Microwave is a highly efficient microwave generator that operates at 2.45 GHz. It delivers a variable output power of up to 100 W. This 60601 compliant microwave generator is ideal for hyperthermia and coagulation/ablation based procedures requiring low to moderate microwave power at 2.45 GHz. The compact and light weight design allows the system to be easily used in any clinical or office setting without any portability or storage constraints.

The system uses an innovative reflected power measurement mode of operation. When used in the swept mode, the system can reduce the reflection measurement error significantly for applicators with a return loss of less than 12 dB to ensure that the accurate measurement of reflection is relayed to the user. This measurement technique also allows the medical system to be less affected by manufacturing tolerances in the applicators and tethered RF cables. This mode of operation is particularly useful for applications that are dependent on the accuracy of the reflected signal to identify tissue property changes or relaying treatment progress and safety to the user. The use of a higher operating voltage of 38 V DC on the GaN on SiC semiconductors in the MSYS245 system design helps reduce the drain current and the resultant Joule effect losses.

The Generator’s highly efficient design has allowed the implementation of a novel, thermal cooler solution to dissipate heat losses ana maintaining the amplifier temperature when operating at full power at below 55°C. The cooling system employed is very compact with superior thermal capacity per unit volume allowing the overall system to be significantly smaller and lighter with an optimized air-flow management system. This microwave generator is available as a benchtop unit that measures 11.8 x 3.3 x 10.8 inches. This compact solution has a broad range of surgical applications including microwave hyperthermia therapy, diathermy, microwave coagulation therapy, and soft tissue ablation.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Emblation Microwave
  • Description
    100 W, 2.45 GHz Microwave Generator for Medical Applications

General Parameters

  • Applications
  • Technology
    Solid State
  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Frequency
    2.45 GHz
  • CW/Pulse
    CW / Pulsed
  • Power
    100 W
  • Efficiency
  • Switching Time
    10 µs
  • Package Type
  • Output Interface
  • Connector
    N Type, N Type - Female
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • Voltage
    100 to 240 V
  • Dimension
    11.8 x 3.3 x 10.8 Inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight
    4.1 Kg
  • Power Supply Type
  • Note
    Saturated output gain : 52 to 54 dBm, Amplifier Interlock Temperature: 65 Degree C, Quiescent current: 2 A

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