100kW GET2024

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The GET2024 from Ferrite Microwave Technologies is a Microwave Generator that operates at 896/915 MHz. It delivers an output power of up to 100 kW and can also be used in combination with other FMT generators to provide boosting, cooking, and tempering power up to 750 kW. This generator incorporates the latest electronic and microwave technology to provide reliable and safe operation in all kinds of applications. It includes a high-power circulator that protects the magnetron and includes a sensor to measure reflected power. Each GET2024 generator is electrically isolated from the process oven by an integral microwave circulator that helps provide long magnetron tube life. The generator can be located directly adjacent to, above, or below an applicator cavity.

The GET2024 delivers computer-controlled precision through an Allen-Bradley Programming Logic Controller (PLC) process. All controls for typical generator operation are found on the front of the enclosure and can also be remotely controlled. It is available in an enclosure that is water-cooled through a heat exchanger using a city or local water supply. The system includes a one-inch inflow and outflow pipe. It requires a 3-phase AC supply of 480 V.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    100kW GET2024
  • Manufacturer
    Ferrite Microwave Technologies
  • Description
    100 kW Microwave Generator Operating at 896/915 MHz

General Parameters

  • Technology
  • Frequency
    915 MHz
  • CW/Pulse
  • Power
    100 kW
  • Cooling Type
    Air Cooled, Water Cooled
  • Package Type
  • Voltage
    480 V (AC)
  • Power Supply Type
  • Power Supply Technology

Technical Documents