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APTC4-01001800-1905-D4 Image

The APTC4-01001800-1905-D4 from AmpliTech is a Low Noise Cryogenic Amplifier that operates from 1 to 18 GHz. It provides a gain of more than 30 dB with a noise figure of less than 2 dB and has a P1dB of over 5 dBm. The amplifier uses State-of-the-Art pHEMT technology and is designed for cryogenic applications down to 4°K. It requires a DC supply voltage of 9 V, draws 60 mA of current, and consumes 819 mW of power at 296°K. The LNA is available in a MIL-883 and MIL-45208 standard module with SMA-female connectors. It is ideal for use in radiometers, nanophysics (especially for electron spin resonance), astronomy and observatory receivers, superconductor research, and satellite receivers.

An optional super slim version is also available for low profile, stackable solutions with miniature 0.9 mm threaded connectors for high integrity connections.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Low Noise Cryogenic Amplifier from 1 to 18 GHz

General Parameters

  • Type
    Cryogenic Amplifier
  • Configuration
    Module with Connector
  • Display Application
    Radiometers, Nanophysics (Electron spin resonance), Astronomy/Observatory Receivers, Superconductor Research, Satellite receivers
  • Frequency
    1 to 18 GHz
  • Gain
    30 to 33 dB
  • Gain Flatness
    +/- 2 to 2.5 dB
  • Noise Figure
    0.7 to 2 dB
  • P1dB
    8.21 dBm
  • P1dB
    6.6 mW
  • Grade
    Commercial, Military, Space
  • Input Power
    -10 dBm
  • Pulsed/CW
  • VSWR
    2.0:1, 2.5:1
  • Supply Voltage
    9 V
  • Current Consumption
    60 to 90 mA
  • Technology
    State-of-the-Art PHEMT Technology
  • Package
    D4 Standard Drop-in
  • Connectors
    SMA, SMA - Female
  • Operating Temperature
    77 to 296 K
  • Storage Temperature
    4 to 300 K

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