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HLNAV-383 Image

The HLNAV-383 from HXI is an MMIC Low Noise Amplifier that operates from 50 to 67 GHz. It provides a small signal gain of more than 29 dB with a noise figure of 6 dB (from 50 to 52 GHz) and a P1dB of over 10 dBm. This LNA includes a voltage regulator and bias sequencing circuitry that allow the use of a single voltage to power the amplifier. It requires a DC supply of 6 V and draws 325 mA of current. The LNA is available in a gold-plated module that measures 1.31 x 1.34 x 0.97 inches and has WR-15 waveguide interfaces in an in-line configuration using the standard UG-385/U flange. It is ideal for use in receivers for communication and radar systems, point-to-point radios, WiGig development, and amplification in test equipment.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    MMIC Low-Noise Amplifier from 50 to 67 GHz for Radar Systems

General Parameters

  • Type
    Low Noise Amplifier
  • Configuration
  • Application
    Point To Point Radio, Radar Transmitters, WiGig Development & Test Equipment
  • Frequency
    50 to 66 GHz
  • Small Signal Gain
    29 to 30 dB
  • Noise Figure
    5.2 to 6 dB
  • P1dB
    10 dBm
  • P1dB
    0.01 W
  • Input Power
    -17 dBm
  • Input Return Loss
    7 dB
  • Output Return Loss
    9 dB
  • Supply Voltage
    6 V
  • Current Consumption
    325 mA
  • Dimensions
    1.31”L X 1.34”W x 0.97”H
  • Interface
    UG-385/U flanges
  • Waveguide
  • Note
    Surface Finish Gold Plate

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