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The TTRM1081 from Triad RF Systems is an L-Band bi-directional SSPA suitable for high data-rate wireless links from 1350 to 1390 MHz. This class AB LDMOS module is designed for both military and commercial applications and can be used in applications like UAVs and Military Mesh Networks. This amplifier supports any signal type and modulation format, including but not limited to 3-4G telecom, WLAN, OFDM, DVB, and CW/AM/FM. The latest device technologies and design methods are employed to offer high power density, efficiency, and linearity in a small, lightweight package.

The transmit portion of this amplifier provides 25 Watts of saturated power. The receive section provides 11 dB of linear gain to increase the performance of the radio front end. The units will also automatically switch between transmit and receive by detecting power from the radio; if no power is detected, the unit will remain in receive mode. The amplifiers will ship before year end.

Product Specifications

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Triad RF Systems
  • Description
    1350 to 1390 MHz, 25 W Bi Directional Amplifier
  • Type
  • Configuration
  • Application
    Commercial, Military
  • Standards Supported
    3G, 4G, WLAN
  • Frequency
    1.35 to 1.39 GHz
  • Gain
    25 dB
  • P1dB
    43.98 dBm
  • P1dB
    25 W
  • Saturated Power
    44 dBm
  • Saturated Power
    25.12 W
  • Output Power
    44 dBm
  • Output Power
    25 W
  • Supply Voltage
    27 to 30 V
  • Current Consumption
    1 A
  • Modulation
    FM, AM
  • Package Type
    Module with Connectors
  • Connectors
    SMA, SMA - Female
  • Input Connector
    SMA - Female
  • Output Connector
    SMA - Female
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